«Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar Presentation

«Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar Presentation

«Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar reveals the genuine beauty of Ukrainian national costumes. The Calendar was presented on December 9th, 2016 in Kyiv; it features Ukrainian celebrities in authentic traditional Ukrainian garments.

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The preparation process of creating this calendar lasted for over 2 months. Authors were looking for authentic garments and accessories all over Ukraine. Many pieces were specifically transported to Kyiv for the fashion shoots from National Museums all over Ukraine as well as from private collections. The outfits were gathered together from separate details that could have come from different regions of the country in order to create the most authentic look. Every photograph reveals the traditional female costume of a specific region of Ukraine.
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«Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar featured popular TV hostesses and TV personalities Masha Yefrosinina, Olha Freimut, Solomiya Vitvitska, Regina Todorenko, singers Tina Karol and Anna Zaval’ska, actress Ada Rogovtseva with her daughter and granddaughter, Olympic champion in gymnastics Anna Rizatdinova, musicians Dmitriy Shurov with his family, ONUKA and The Maneken, designers Elena Reva and Nataliya Kamenska.

Every photo reveals the unspeakable beauty of national Ukrainian costume. The photo exhibition showing all the photos from the «Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar aims showcasing the traditions and culture of Ukrainians, the unique fashion and style of local garments.

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All visitors can attend Shchyri» (Sincere) Calendar photo exhibition at the reception area of «Domosfera» trade center (101, Stolychne Hwy, Kyiv). The exhibition will last till February 1st, 2017. Here visitors will also have a chance to buy the calendar. All the funds for the calendar sales will be aimed at development of regional ethnography museums.
Photo source: Domosfera Facebook Page

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