Spring ГОГОЛЬFEST Startup in Mariupol

Spring ГОГОЛЬFEST Startup in Mariupol

There’s hardly a person who has lived in Ukraine and never heard of the ГОГОЛЬFEST — an annual Ukrainian festival of contemporary arts, aimed at establishing communication between artists of various spheres and nations. For 10 years, the festival was based in Kyiv and gathered the art elite and active participants. This spring, ГОГОЛЬFEST changed the concept and moved south — to Mariupol, near the Azov Sea. Let’s take a look.

ГОГОЛЬFEST was first held in 2007 in Kyiv and instantly caught attention among locals due to its intriguing format. The fest’s founder, Vladyslav Troistskyi, chose Mystetskyi Arsenal as a primary location, and participants filled the premises with all kinds of arts. In fact, the festival grasps all areas of art, and it also includes many multidisciplinary art products, which simultaneously belong to several disciplines: for example, ones that combine theater, music, and visual arts.
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Photo: performance from ГОГОЛЬFEST 2017
This year, ГОГОЛЬFEST changes the concept and launches local cultural festivals on an international level throughout the country. The festival’s aim is to turn the city-host into a cultural and tourist center of Ukraine. From April 27 to May 1, updated ГОГОЛЬFEST will take place in Mariupol. Within 5 days, the city will host theatrical performances, day and night music concerts, cinema exhibitions, art exhibitions, and dialogues.
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Photo: Highlights from ГОГОЛЬFEST 2017
The festival will give a chance for active and creative people of Mariupol and Donetsk region to show their works. ГОГОЛЬFEST also has a new strategy: revitalization of the city and regional spaces like historical landmarks and unique locations, which are currently inactive or neglected. With the help of the festival and increased attention, they are to develop and become centers of cultural activity.
When: April 27 — May 1
Where: Mariupol, locations, and program to be announced
Photo source: gogolfest.org.ua. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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