Stepan Ryabchenko Represents Ukraine at the Art Market Budapest

Stepan Ryabchenko Represents Ukraine at the Art Market Budapest

Stepan Ryabchenko / The ArkOn October 13, 2016, the capital of Hungary will host Art Market Budapest. It defines contemporary cultural interests, enabling the artists and galleries from around the world to demonstrate their search and new approach to the visual art. Stepan Ryabchenko represents Ukraine at the Art Market Budapest.

Founded in 2011, it became the largest fair of Eastern Europe. This year more than 20 countries will show their projects. An annual, continuously growing fair audience exceeds 30 thousand foreign visitors.
Ukraine will be present at Art Market Budapest by TUASHO art scout agency with Wind Rose project by Stepan Ryabchenko.
«Big changes are always a sum of small changes and lively dialogue. The Ukrainian art market still feels shortage of new names of young curators and galleries. Today, more than ever, the European community is interested in our art and we should maintain a dialogue with it. That is why our agency is doing everything so that our young artists have an opportunity to present their works on such large-scale exhibitions. The future of our market depends on the small first steps of the artists here» — sad CEO of the scout agency Anna Cherepania.
Stepan Ryabchenko / Electronic Zephyrus (on pink)
digital print on aluminum, plexiglass / 2008
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«Each work created by Stepan Ryabchenko is a new topos or a new character in his virtual universe, finely bordering with the material world, periodically appearing there as the artist's next project. The artist uses his virtual animated units as modules to build an autonomous space, a portal to his limitless virtual world of imagery. In the Wind Rose project four winds, coming from Greek mythology, appear as the four fundamental principles, four directions, four different elements.
Stepan Ryabchenko / Electronic Notos
digital print on aluminum, plexiglass / 2015
Ryabchenko takes natural elements, myth and digital reality and combines them in an electronic mix of today, dynamic, contemporary categorical, but rooted in history, mythology, and nature. Sometimes frantic, the other time quiet, warm, icy, electronic winds alternately drive the Ark in the boundless ocean of time as a multifaceted symbol of hope, live salvation, rescue in the turbulent waters of life twists and turns and rapid changes, as the promise that a long journey and wanderings will lead to answers, to the home, to the true essence of ourselves» — Natalia Matsenko, art critic.

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