‘The Black Black Sea’ Art Project in Kyiv

‘The Black Black Sea’ Art Project in Kyiv

As told by many fashionistas, ‘black is the new black’. The color has conquered the fashion world long ago, and now it’s time for its revival in art. This April, Sergey Makhno Gallery hosts an exhibition ‘The Black Black Sea’, where each object from ceramics to paintings is made in black color. A duo of architect Sergey Makhno and painter Roman Mykhaylov will take visitors into the delightful world of contemporary art.

According to Sergey Makhno, a renowned Ukrainian architect and founder of the first Ukrainian gallery of object design Sergey Makhno Gallery, this cold and gloomy spring is the best time for the project. After all, who doesn’t dream of the sea these days? Sergey promises to show the multifaceted nature of the sea: from calm before the storm to crashing into the sharp rocks. The idea behind ‘The Black Black Sea’ is to show the controversies, power, and creativity.
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One of the intriguing objects of the upcoming exhibition is a collection of 1.5-meter ceramic vases, sculpted by Makno and his team. Besides, visitors will have a chance to marvel at the unique collection of decorated cups and plates, as well as lamps decorated with Japanese technique Kintsugi – repairing broken objects with golden, silver or aluminum powder.
Another participant of the project is Roman Mykhaylov, a contemporary Ukrainian painter known for his grand installations and experiments with fire. Thanks to him, guests of the exhibition can imagine they are on the Black Sea shore: space of the residential complex Skyline, where the exhibition will take place, will be filled with collages and paintings. Finally, a grand performance will unfold in one of the apartments of the residential complex.
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When: April 13-28 (working hours 12-8 P.M. with days off on Sunday and Monday)
Where: Sergey Makhno Gallery in the Skyline residential complex 
Entrance: free of charge
‘The Black Black Sea’ project is the first event to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sergey Makhno Architects design studios. Three more events, revolving around the theme of the Black Sea and black color, will take place in the span of two weeks:
April 14, 8 P.M. - Live music with daKooka, an indie-pop musician performing piano rock.
April 21, 7 P.M. – Poetry reading with Vanya Yakimov, a contemporary Ukrainian poet.
April 28, 10 A.M. – Yoga to the sound of the sea with Shanti YOGA ROOM studio.
You can find more detailed information and register for the events on the web site. Destinations will post further announcements about the events.
Photos provided by Sergey Makhno Gallery.

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