Ukrainian Artist among Britain’s «TOP 100 living geniuses»

Ukrainian Artist among Britain’s «TOP 100 living geniuses»

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Ivan Marchuk and his works are etched into the history of Ukrainian art. However, long periods of depression and soviet bating came before international recognition. Marchuk continued his artistic experiments despite being rejected by the Soviet system. He was never part of the official Soviet art scene. Only his strong desire to dream and create saved Marchuk.

In the late 1980s he emigrated to Australia, then travelled to Canada and the USA. But, he was always drawn back to his native land.
In October 2007, Marchuk was included in Britain’s list of “top 100 living geniuses”, drawn up by the Daily Telegraph. The International Academy of Modern Art in Rome admitted Ivan Marchuk to the Golden Guild and elected him Honorary Member of the Academy’s Scientific Council (the Golden Guild includes 51 artists from around the world).

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He has created his own art technique, which he calls “Pliontanism” (from the Ukrainian “pliontaty” – to weave, knit). Instead of painting with the usual strokes, he traces and weaves elaborate lace networks on his canvases.
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Ivan Marchuk’s last exhibit was held at Kyiv’s Mystetsky Arsenal in January 2017.
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