Ukrainian Camp Kurenivka on Burning Man 2017

Ukrainian Camp Kurenivka on Burning Man 2017

Every year thousands of people arrive to the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States, to become part of the magnificent Burning Man art event. The iconic festival ended last Monday, leaving a lot of fun memories and phantasmagorical photos of the participants and art of Burning Man 2017.

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In 2017 Ukrainians organized their own camp on the grounds of Burning Man Festival. It was called Kurenivka.
So, why «Kurenivka»? The campers explained that on the web page saying that the name derives from Cossack times in Ukraine. Cossacks, the heroic ancestors, really loved to fight. When the opportunity arose, the Cossacks gathered from all over Ukraine in a secret place and organized their life in a very strange way: think of something between a pirate's lair and the Shaolin monastery. As burners do, Cossacks from different regions of Ukraine settled camps together, and each camp was called 'Kooren.' This ancient word is saved as the name of one of the most remote areas of modern Kyiv called Kurenivka. So they call the Ukrainian camp Kurenivka.
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Kurenivka consisted of few parts. The center of the camp was traditionally called Maydan. All the activities organized by campers took place there. Here guests had a chance to attend "Nastoyanka" bar, DJ decks, sound system and lounge zone. Also there was 'Kooren' with transparent walls. There secret performance shows took place every evening over there.


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The camp was settled on 30 000 sq ft with the place for 80 friendly people. There were a communal kitchen, showers, dining place, camp fire, hexayurts, electricity, shade structure and tents.
Image source: @burningmanukraine Instagram Account. All images belong to their rightful owners. 


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