Virtual Reality Space at Planeta Kino IMAX Cinema

Virtual Reality Space at Planeta Kino IMAX Cinema

The much discussed tech trend finally finds home in Ukraine — lately, various tech expos offered visitors to try the VR helmet and go with the flow. Naturally, it became widely popular with kids, who enjoy the game without limitations. Now both children and adults have an opportunity to enjoy the virtual reality, as Planeta Kino IMAX Cinema opens VR Planet — the largest VR space in Kyiv with 20 game rooms.

Located in Blockbuster amusement center, IMAX cinema has become the favorite place of entertainment and get-togethers for locals. In 2018 Planeta Kino has decided to add one more quirk to the program — Virtual Reality. Let's see how it works.
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All game rooms are equipped with sensors that track human movements. The game uses HTC Vive helmets with a 2160x1200 pixel screen, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, eye and head motion sensors, and a wireless HD-reverse controller. Planeta Kino was careful to choose the powerful gaming computers that will allow visitors to enjoy their time to the fullest.
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The game catalog currently features shooters, battleships, simulators, puzzles and sports games. Besides, materials to Hollywood movies adapted for virtual reality are promised to be added to the program soon. VR game rooms have several restrictions: children under the age of 12, pregnant women, emotionally sensitive, and intoxicated people aren't allowed to use the VR.
Address: 34B, Stepana Bandery Avenue, Blockbuster amusement center

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