Winter Art Exhibitions in Kyiv

Winter Art Exhibitions in Kyiv

«Destinations» rounds up top art exhibitions happening in Kyiv during December - January that are totally worth visiting. Winter brings many various art events to the capital of Ukraine and all the art fans will find something interesting for themselves.

Sasha Kurmaz Art Exhibition

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Sasha Kurmaz is a young multidisciplinary artist from Kyiv. He is primarily interested in the human body and private life, which he portrays with absolutely no dread. Sasha’s goal is to explore the state line of nudes, between love and strong feelings.
For Ukrainian artist Sasha Kurmaz the future of photography lies beyond the pages of a book and the computer screen — it belongs to the heart of the city, on the battlefield of commerce, politics and indifference. 29-year-old Kurmaz was born and raised in Kyiv. He picked up his camera at his early years. Soon the camera became his tool of choice. Kurmaz began his photographic career capturing — somewhat explicitly — parties, passions, bodies and pastime of his peers in the Ukrainian capital, but his interest in pervading the mundanity of city life soon took over.
Sasha Kurmaz latest photo creations are showcased at “The marble angels with bows were shaking in shadows their small penises, bending their bows and carelessly laughed at death” art exhibition at Pinchuk Art Center.
The exhibition will take place from December 22, 2016 till January 15th, 2017.
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The Theory of Everything

Just before the New Year Bereznitsky Aesthetics art agency presents «The Theory of Everything» art exhibition at the «Chocolate House» in Kyiv. The exhibition aims at revealing how the modern technologies drive the contemporary world crazy. Ukrainian artist Yuriy Syvin created the series of black-and-white collages on a 3-D printer especially for this exhibition. The installations are created from the popular content from the internet - movies, video clips and sci-fi stories. Various scenarios are revealed within streets of Kyiv. Yuriy Syvin depicts how the Kyiv Velodrome would look like in case of being hit by a submarine or the view of the Dnipro left bank in case if there were some pyramids being built.
The exhibition will take place from December 27, 2016 till January 11th, 2017 at «Chocolate House» (Shovkovychna street, 17/2, Kyiv).

A4, Ballpoint

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This is a legendary project by Karas’ Art Gallery. For 10 consecutive years Karas’ Art Gallery has been asking popular Ukrainian artists to draw a series of pictures using an ordinary ballpoint pen and standard A4 office paper. Later they make the art exhibition out of all the works and choose the winner. The idea of creating an art object using some everyday ordinary objects like ballpoint pen came to the Kyiv gallerist Eugeniy Karas’ and turned into a popular art project.
The exhibition will take place from December 22, 2016 till January 17th, 2017 at Karas’ Art Gallery (22A, Andriivs'kyi descent, Kyiv).

Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists

This ambitious project brings together about two dozens of Ukrainian artists. Each of them will be showcasing their vision of traditional art in the modern world.
The idea of the "Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» project is to combine traditional and modern art, actualize ethnic culture and provide more "popular" meaning to the actual art. As woven rug canvas which contains details from different semantic contents and in which there are always two sides - facial and reverse - contemporary art reflects various components of reality, i.e., the aesthetic and ideological, positive and negative, facial and reverse.
Top themes of life and death, happiness and sorrow are all encoded in carpets’ patterns.
The exhibition will feature paintings, sculpture, installations and video art. Roman Minin, Nazar Bilyk, Stepan Ryabchenko, Artem Volokytin Tatyana Malinovskaya, Alex Zolotarev Andrey Sidorenko, all well-known names in contemporary Ukrainian art world will present their works.

"Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» project has started on April 8 in Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the art space of Zenko Foundation in «Koruna» hotel complex.
Started as private collection. Now «Carpet» has grown into a major contemporary art project and will travel from Lviv to Kharkiv and then to other Ukrainian cities. In each city the collection will be expanded as new works will be added by new authors, including the ones of local artists.
The exhibition will take place from December 6, 2016 till January 15th, 2017 at Kyiv History Museum (7, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho street, Kyiv).

Mykhailo Deyak. Imaginary

Mykhailo Deyak represents the younger generation of contemporary Ukrainian artists. He works at the intersection of neo-expressionism and minimalism, experiments with materials by using glass and metal, and masterfully applies all painting techniques.
Voloshyn Gallery presents Mikhailo Deyak's "Imaginary" solo exhibition, which comprises two sets of works: a series of "Flowers" metal sculpture objects from a "Genesis" series and the works on glass from "Space" series. New artist's work will be presented in the updated gallery space. It is worth mentioning that "Genesis" works are exhibited for the first time on a large scale in Ukraine. Previously a part of the sculptures collection was shown at Scope Basel, Switzerland and Scope Miami Beach, the USA.
Space is Deyak's main topic of interest at the moment. It pushes him to experiment, and his search is expressed in different materials such as glass and metal, despite the fact that Mikhailo is known as an expressive painter. Therefore, we have a series of abstract sculptures created in an expressive manner. The expressiveness is not the author's goal in itself, and "Genesis", his new project, is rather a means of knowledge which makes the author and the viewer immediately plunge into some questions of the foundation of the Universe.
The exhibition will take place from December 15th, 2016 till January 15th, 2017 at Voloshyn Gallery (13, Tereshchenkovskaya street, Kyiv).
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Visualisation. Art&Fashion.

In December 2016 Shcherbenko Art Centre will present a new “Visualization. Art & Fashion” art-project by the Ukrainian artist Aleksandra Zhumaylova-Dmytrovska, which will include graphics and pastel paintings, collages, objects and installations. The project will bring together the artists’ works from her different projects, including the latest series.
This artistic visualization is presented in the form of a multidimensional, diverse exhibition, as the draw of communication between the two aesthetic substances in the spirit of postmodernism: the works in it appear as the “objects of fashion applications, roll over and treated at ease”, dressed in designer clothes from the podium (in cooperation with Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov), painting dressed in “spring-summer collection of accessories”, and the viewer is invited to “put on the picture” by looking at it and making a selfie. The artist emphasizes on the contrast of romanticized images of haute couture, embodied in allusions to images made by cult fashion-photographer, with the help of construction tape which appeals to the “brutality and pragmatic” urban street fashion.
The exhibition will take place from December 21, 2016 till January 21, 2017 at Shcherbenko Art Centre (22B Mykhailivs'ka street, Kyiv).

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