De Bosch Bar in Kyiv

De Bosch Bar in Kyiv

De Bosch is rather new atmospheric bar in the center of Kyiv. The concept of this location is influenced by works of Hieronymus Bosch, the most weird and mysterious painter of the Renaissance era. De Bosch bar design and menu reflect the idea of famous “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Hieronymus Bosch's triptych.

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Interior design of De Bosch bar is more than impressive. Wall paintings were created by Odesa artists from Belenko studio. The guests feel bedazzled by spectacular interior details and custom-made furniture. The bar is divided into three halls, each of them reflecting a certain part of Bosch`s triptych.
The first hall with bar counter symbolizes the left panel of the triptych, which represents paradise. This hall is rather light and roomy, it is notable for vintage furniture and vessels. Tasty drinks of bar menu really make clients feel like in heaven. The list of drinks is divided into seven categories called “Immortal sins”: “Superdia” (Pride) for light sparkling cocktails, “Avarita” (Greed) for medium hard cocktails, “Luxuria” (Lust) for sweet drinks, “Ira” (Wrath) for hard cocktails, “Acedia” (Idleness) for fruity cocktails, “Tristita” (Sloth) for two ounces of whiskey and Invidia (Envy) for non-alcoholic drinks.
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The second hall is a reflection of the central panel of the triptych, which shows life on Earth with all its pleasures. This is the restaurant hall for enjoying delicious food, relaxing and having fun. The kitchen menu of De Bosch offers a full range of meals: starters, salads, hot dishes and desserts. The names of dishes are really ingenious. Here visitors are welcome to try “Valhalla” Scandinavian salmon salad, “Heretic`s fork” beef carpaccio, “Bootikin” julienne, “Doctor Lector” sirloin steak with vegetables and “Crusade” ice cream with tahena. De Bosch provides its clients with all ingredients required for a real feast in Renaissance style.
The third hall of De Bosch embodies the right panel of the Bosch`s triptych, which illustrates hell. This is a dark smoking room, decorated with a symbolic mirror tunnel leading to nowhere. This is a place to smoke a cigar, to keep a long philosophic conversation and to feel lost in time and space.
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Feel the otherworldly atmosphere of Hieronymus Bosch`s masterpiece in De Bosch Bar in Kyiv.
Address: 12, Shota Rustaveli street
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