New Bars in Kyiv: October 2017 Review

New Bars in Kyiv: October 2017 Review

Kyiv’s bar life in October is brimming with new appearances: from a wine laboratory with a crazy scientist as a lead to a BDSM-themed bar, the places worth paying a visit are the saving grace of the cold and grey month.

Khorosho, vsegda / Хорошо, всегда
khorosho vsegda
The bar’s name means «Good, always» and pretty much summarizes the whole experience you get while staying: the best Kyiv DJ-s and electronic groups delivering performances every Friday and Saturday night, wide range of cocktail menu, and unforgettable ambience to lure you in the next weekend. Numerous kinds of whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vermouth, classical and special cocktails are just a small part of what you can find here. The menu includes late breakfasts, burgers, salads and desserts, so in case you want to skip the bar part, you can visit Khorosho, vsegda at daytime: for instance, order good ol’ jam toasts with capuccino or a chicken burger. If you crave Italian, this is also your place: bruschetta with tomato salsa, parma ham and parmesan are served here too.
Address: 21, Sichovykh Striltsiv street
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Win Bar
win bar
A pun in the name of this place just asks for testing: is it truly a win? Seems like it! WIn Bar specializes on wine from different regions all over the world. If you aren’t sure which one to pick, ask the sommelier for help and specify what you are looking for - be it spice, pure sweetness or something other, the staff can help you pick the wine and best suiting dishes to it as well. Classical aperitifs like a cheese plate, sliced deli meats and roasted artichokes are present in the menu.
Address: 16/7, Khoryva street
dr winestein
Atmosphere of a never-ending party is permanent at the Dr. Winestein restaurant in Kyiv. The founders call it a «laboratory», which may remind you of crazy scientists and mind-blowing experiments. This is exactly the case. Dr. Winestein, the key wine specialist of the place, is claimed to have devoted hundreds of years to his job, which is to learn and discover everything about wine. The carefully chosen variety and results of numerous experience are called the secret of genius longevity here. Dishes from international cuisine, including Moldavian placinta, French cream-brulee from chicken liver are cooked by French chef. Sommelier will help to choose wine that suits the best for the item of your choice. While some restaurants choose to make Thursday a fish day, Dr. Winestein is serving Norman mussels.
Address: 34, Kostyantynivs'ka street
bar boss
If you ever wanted to try something spicy…just kidding. The new BDSM-themed bar with relevant interior elements - lashes, hooks in the ceiling for hanging, and a special spreader bar - won’t offer their visitors to experiment there and now. Instead, they promise a delicious bar menu! Beer, cider, liquors and more «adventurous» drinks like gin, tequila, whiskey and rum are available at BarBOSS. The cocktail range suggests classics as well as place’s specials: Pleasure, Crazy dog, and Uncle John. BarBOSS plans to broaden their menu and bar choice in time, promising to add three thematic cocktails - «Safe», «Sane» and «Consensual», which are consonant with main BDSM principles. Don’t shy out and drop by for a drink.
Address: 15, Mala Zhytomyrska street (entrance through the arch)
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Photo sources:, Khorosho, vsegda, Win Bar, Dr.Winestein, BarBOSS facebook pages. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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