Red Doors bar in Kiev

Red Doors bar in Kiev

Bar culture in Kiev is growing. Therefore opening a new bar is a challenge. Not only new cocktails but interesting designs are needed in order to impress customers. "Red Doors" bar at Moscovska street perfectly completes the task.

Bar's exterior is decorated by bright portraits in pop-art style that attracts attention. A payphone and a curved red door are the next things you notice. In order to get into the bar, customers will have to ring. Red Doors is a place where it is impossible to stay sober.


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Light walls, curved mirrors and a psychedelic ceiling motivate to have a drink or two. The original idea was to create an alco-trash bar and the concept is 100 fulfilled. On Fridays and Saturdays DJs and musicians perform in the bar and in workdays there is also nice music.

A huge plush bear is the Bar hero. He meets the guests in the entrance. He also has his own social network account. You can add him to your friends’ list and he will give you some gifts on a birthday.

Bar opens at 17:00 - the right time to come here for a cocktail after a hard day. Menu contains 28 items and half of them can be ordered as five tasting shots, a perfect option for a big company. The bar has the biggest in Kiev collection of Tiki wineglasses for tropical cocktails. (Tiki are angry gods in Polynesian mythology).
The bar menu consists of strong alcohol and since 2015 Red Doors bar also serves hookahs.


The cuisine menu consists mostly of finger food - food that can be eaten using hands: hot and cold snacks, sandwiches and desserts. There are a few sets for a big companies but the focus is put on topas - Spanish traditional snacks. There are 18 types of topas in the menu: Caramel onion and bri cheese, olive tapenade and paprika as well as soft cheese, figs in cognac and Parma ham. There is other more hearty food such as salads, ossobukko, timbale and trout fried with shrimps.

Some of Cocktails:
Aviator (gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon fresh juice, syrup violet)
Lady Killer (gin, orange liqueur, cherry liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup)
Irish day (green apple, Irish whiskey, honey, fresh lemon juice, cinnamon)
Fusion sour (bourbon, passion fruit syrup, fresh lemon juice, orange juice)
The Journalist (gin, orange liqueur, vermouth dry, vermouth rosso, fresh lemon juice, angostura bittеrs)
Tommys Margarita (tequila reposado, lime fresh, syrup agave)

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Some of Menu dishes:
Chips set
Duck salad
Sandwich with unagi chicken
Welcome to Red Doors bar in Kiev!
Address: 17, Moskovka street, Kiev, +38 098 888 0075

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