The Battle of the Bars Reveals Best Bars of Kyiv

The Battle of the Bars Reveals Best Bars of Kyiv

On March 15th, 2017 Kyiv hosted The Battle of the Bars, one of the biggest bar and mixology themed event of the year. The event aimed at awarding the best bars, barmen and mixologists of Ukraine.

10 teams of professional barmen from all over the country took part in this contest to win the title of the best barmen of Ukrain: Barmen Dictat (Kyiv) , BARVY (Kyiv), 44 Bar (Lviv), Benedict daily bar (Kharkiv), Hendrick’s bar (Kyiv), Libraria Speak Easy Bar (Lviv), Moskvich Bar (Kharkiv), Parovoz Speak Easy (Kyiv), The Fitz (Оdesa), True Man Club (Odesa).
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The struggle was intense. All the participants were divided in pairs and were given a random list of ingredients to create their unique cocktails. The task was to create the delicious drink and serve it in the best possible way.

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The independent jury voted for winners and now we know the best bars to enjoy the most delicious cocktails masterfully prepared by the award winning mixologists. Parovoz Speak Easy (Kyiv) took the third place, BARVY is on the second one and the winner is Kyiv’s Barmen Dictat.
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