Illumination of Ukrainian Artistic Platforms

Illumination of Ukrainian Artistic Platforms

It is a big proud to have a right to say that Ukraine is a stage for many contemporary art performances and exhibitions! Despite many downsides and ageing of cultural funds, philanthropists, businessmen and ordinary Ukrainians put a lot of efforts with an aim that our nation harmonically develops its cultural life.Gratefully to the rich super minds of our society, we now have many art platforms that can easily rival with the most visited European galleries. PinchukArtCenter is the first sightseeing that we may recollect. A variety of expositions and their current change attract not just simple devotees, but also people who have slightly ever been interested in art. Fascinating is that the center is also a platform for young creators advancing in their mastery with or without experience. Remarkable thing is that there was held an educational program named StudentLab that had suggested a practical training for students of the third and fourth year of studying, for whom art specialty is not professionally oriented subject. PinchukArtCenter arranges a prize for artists in the age of up to mid-thirties that positively influences the development and motivation of young and perspective generation. Mystetskyi Arsenal is one more bright and spacious cultural place located in Kyiv city. It contains a profound Ukrainian history since having been found in 1784-1801. Arsenal is a cultural project of the national and international value with an aim to create a quarter of culture and art in the historical center of Kyiv.During five years of active work here more than 60 global exposition projects have been realized and further have been visited by almost 3 million visitors, 1 million among whom are children. There is a reason to tell about Ya Gallery Art center, the main mission of which is to expand and popularize contemporary art. Here you may always discover different kinds of expositions, workshops, master classes, lectures and discussions. Ya Gallery backs young artists up and helps them to organize expositions not only in Ukraine but out of the country either. Attempting to attract other cities in Ukraine and other cultural organizations into the process of Ukrainian art establishing, art center realizes its own projects in the museum space of Ukraine. New old masters project is the first project that primarily was introduced in Lviv national gallery of arts and later in Dnipro city art museum. Zemlyas was one more cultural project represented in Cherkassy regional art museum where the model of the museum became the basement for the game with exponents’ classification. Coming further and investigating the artistic platforms, we find an ancestor of the Cultural Revolution that we may call the Museum of modern art in Ukraine. It is the first Ukrainian private museum of modern art. Presently there are masterpieces of many representatives of different art schools and directions of all regions in Ukraine from 1930s of 20th century to the present. Specifically because of such colossal popularity museum has changed its location three times and moved to the more spacious place with an aim to place bigger expositions and host more visitors.Illuminating the eastern part of Ukrainian art platforms it is worth to accent one of the biggest Galleries in Ukraine - Lviv National Gallery of Arts which is located in an ancient building former palace for Polish collector and historian Vladislav Lozinski. Currently the collection of the gallery has 60 thousands of masterpieces, among them there are works of Rubens, Tysian, Repin, Levitan, Aivazovsky and other art genii.If we go to the eastern part of Ukraine, Kharkiv municipal gallery is one of the first platforms in Ukraine that started to develop and popularize modern art. The gallery exposition combines in itself the things of pictural art, graphics, sculpture, photography and other forms of art. Here you may also find and enjoy the atmosphere of real underground. The part of exposition is located in the basement and another part - in the spacious light halls. ILKO creative center gallery performs a special platform to promote and demonstrate the works of contemporary artists, photographers, sculptures and even musicians. Different exhibitions, concerts and performances are held here.ABEK Gallery is the biggest non state art platform in Eastern Europe. The project was created in 2000. During its work the gallery hasn't changed its priorities - to introduce the masterpieces of different eras and people, up bringing the youth in the tolerant and patriotic spirit, and also supporting young and old talented masters. Expositions of Ukrainian and foreign artists, graphics, sculpture, photo art and showpieces of «Feldman Family Museum» project different special offers all of above mentioned visitors may observe for free. The Gallery organized about 200 exhibitions, which have been visited by more than 3 million people. The important feature of Art center activity is its cultural and educational function. Moreover, with the help of special equipment installed in the hall, visitors can get acquainted with additional information on the exhibition topic in a convenient way. In the nearest future Ukraine is expecting the appearance of new conceptual interesting art platforms. With the help of passionate philanthropist from Uzhgorod city this year a new gallery will be opened there. It is a really breathtaking act that this gallery will be given to one artist with his expositions for a week. And every week this place will be occupied by other talented artists.And the most important from the all above written is that You are a respectful visitor and each of the galleries is opened specially for you. It is a great pleasure to be a part of cultural life in Ukraine.Photos: Anna Vishtak (3), PinchukArtCenter (1), (2)


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