Special Energy Places in Ukraine

Special Energy Places in Ukraine

Places of power and special enormous energy have always intrigued people. Some of these areas are considered to be blessing, curative, joyous and filled with positive energy. Still there exist some other places - people called them ruinous or dark places, because of their deep and devastate energy that can be increasingly harmful for a human. There are many various societies, movements and organizations that deal with anomalous areas investigations. Every of these areas has a definite variety of affects for biological entities, including the human body. Nowadays visiting the power places has become rather popular and has almost come en masse, especially among yogis, esoterics and other representatives of the streams à la "New Age".Ukraine has a lot of places with special energy and Stone Grave that is located in Melitopol region of Zaporizhia oblast is one of them. Actually it was never a grave, but a sacral place."Stone Grave" Reservation Park was founded February 12, 1986 as a special nature preservation and historical territory of the republican value with a square in 15 hectares. Along the prairie plain one may see the arisen stone stratifications of a fantastic somehow alien beauty. Perhaps there is no more ancient monument of historic culture of the humanity development on the Earth than the Stone Grave - it is more than 12 million years old! This prehistoric monument is felt by some of mentalists because of the exiting stream of the blessing energy. It is also recorded by satellites, therefore the energy of the sandy inselberg of the 5 floor house height has always attracted people. Ten thousands years ago there were left the signs and notices of primitive people. One more place to be discussed for the interest of tourists, mentalists and other adventurers is Soledarske Lake on the place of the salt mine that is considered to be the stockpot of anomalous phenomenon. The first interesting feature is the water temperature. In all the basins in the world the temperature is decreasing while descending, the more profound - the colder, but in this lake everything is opposite - in the surface waters the temperature is about 20 degrees but 5 meters lower it reaches 30-40 degrees.The second anomalous fact is the body of water. On the 4-5 meters depth the water is almost inaccessible for divers, it somehow resembles "liquid glass". Such water condition may be observed while transmitting from fresh water into the salt (the halocline effect). But there is no fresh water in the Lake and that is really paranormal. The lower layer of water is so thick that divers who attempted to reach the lake bottom had just laid on the "liquid glass". The reasons of such phenomena are still being considered by the scientists.Gromovische, a small glade in the close distance to Kupische village in Zhytomyr oblast, attracts with its special energy as well. It is famous for while thunderstorms as a magnet for the lightning and therefore it has got such a name (in translation – thunder). Also one may see that on the glade there appear a strange luminescence and a "projector ray" that rises to the sky. If to believe to the local legend on this place there used to be a farm of a very rich but violent landlord. His tortures and violations towards his bondsmen were enormously strong. It was going on for a long time, but the day when he tortured the indomitable young and beautiful lady, he was drawn up with the God's wrath. There was a thunder in the sky and the stroke of lightning hit the landlord, he died and his farm was being on fire and burnt in a while.Since then not a single person has settled in this place, because every lightning attacks this glade, reminding people that evil can destroy everyone. This place is also remarkable for archaeologists have discovered here the ruins of an ancient building of monolithic stone blocks, a huge bronze statue, stone slabs with inscriptions in an unknown language. It was even supposed that on this territory long before Kievan Rus there existed one more highly developed civilization. But let us move on. Have you ever heard about Mount Totoha? It has the glory of the energy center of Ukraine, comparable to its capacities with Tibet. This place has been considered to be unusual for more than a century. Those in the know say that here you can get rid of many diseases, the surrounding inhabitants are reverent to the mountain, and most of the psychics who visit it say that they feel powerful waves of energy here. The glory of the mountain is much larger than its size and length. It is known that at once at its top there was the Slavic sanctuary and they were installed only in places with a particularly strong energy stream.There is no exact information about the origin of the name of the mountain. In translation from the Turkic "totoh" means "special", but researchers tend to associate this name with Thoth - in Egyptian mythology it was the name of the moon god of wisdom and literacy which was also considered the creator of the calendar.Mount Totoha is called one of the "navels of the Earth", the hand of God, the center of positive energy, an "open channel". On Earth there are certain places like this, but the energy capacity of the Totoha Mount puts it on the same level with such "blocks" as Tibet and Cold Yar. Every year the mountain attracts a lot of visitors, and in Medvin (a village in the Kyiv region) there is still no hotel so the villagers came up with buying up old houses and renting them for tourists.The finalist of the most popular energy anomalous places is Bald Mountain (Lysa Hora) is the most mystical place in Kyiv. You ought to see and feel the location itself! There is something fascinating and attractive in this place. The name "Bald" came from an ancient pagan ritual to perform a sacrifice on a mountain, previously cleared of trees - bald.Once there was a military unit deployed, but it was removed later from there, because of some strange things were going on with the soldiers. The soldiers standing at the post were even given a special piece of paper, in which they were forced to write a notice about the fact that there was nothing to be afraid of and these were just games of imagination.When walking on Bald Mountain, there is always the feeling that someone is following you. It is rumored that at midnight the witches, devils, the evil spirits come to the Bald Mountain. To believe or not to believe, we keep your options open! Still these Ukrainian anomalous places are definitely worth to be visited!

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