Opinion: Ukraine's Future in the Hi-Tech World

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Destinations asked the leaders of opinions in business, art and technology to share their vision of Ukraine's future in the high-technology world.

Olesia Ostrovska-Luta

Director general of Mystetskyi Arsenal

Olesia Ostrovska-Luta Director general of Mystetskyi ArsenalPolish-British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman described the present state of the world as "interregnum". This is a time lag separating the end of one king's rule from the enthronement of the next one. Yesterday's rules are volatile, and the world is dangerous but at the same time full of opportunities. This situation is in no small way a result of an incredible technological breakthrough: the speed of technological change greatly exceeds the ability of societies to adapt to them.

That is why such global trends as populism, loss of faith in the liberal narrative, calls to close borders and return to the good old conservative world (which, most likely, never existed) are so distinguishable. Ukraine, in fact, is at the forefront of all these processes. It is extremely difficult to predict its place in the future. We can only be certain about one thing: Ukrainians must begin to perceive themselves as full-fledged participants of international debates on the situation in the world, not just some humble recipients of international aid.

This means that Ukrainian intellectuals should think about big global issues, not just purely national affairs. And then we will have hope for a significant place on the map of the future.

Andy Hunder

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Andy Hunder President of the American Chamber of Commerce in UkraineWe live in an era where technological breakthroughs reshape our world every day. They have an impact on our lives, on business and the future. Artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies and high-tech innovations are today perceived as common things. Ukraine is not an exception.

We see that more and more Members of AmCham Ukraine are focused on innovative ideas to conquer the future, like leading telecom, aerospace and technology companies. In the words of Abraham Lincoln – “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And Ukraine is ready for this. Today, the major trend Ukraine needs to follow is to think outside the box, to develop innovative ecosystems where advanced technologies and creative business flourish.

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Natalya Yeremeyeva

The co-founder and director-general of Stekloplast, a member of the board of directors of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

Natalya Yeremeyeva The co-founder and director-general of StekloplastThe country's future in the world of high tech is determined by two factors. The first one is the development of the hi-tech industry as such. The second one is how its results are used by other sectors.

It does not matter what kind of business it is: agrarian, construction, pharmaceutical or other. If it works "the old-fashioned way", it loses, slips into the red and can no longer compete with the market. Any real business in Ukraine understands this and puts up a fight. Someone adapts, someone makes a breakthrough.

Mechatronics, or maintenance specialists for industrial robots, are among the most acclaimed jobs on the labor market. Two out of 10 medium-sized farms are introducing precision farming, leaving it to robots to do thorough tests of air and soil. Chat bots of retail chains successfully communicate with participants of loyalty programs. And there are dozens of such examples.

Over 20 years, Ukraine's market of translucent structures has changed beyond recognition. In 1997, we "sold" a novelty, which uPVC windows were at the time. And that was enough. In 2007, a quality product made by a robot - an automated four-head welding machine (one of the first in Ukraine). In 2018, we sell, including to foreign markets, a unique design, a complex engineering product.

High tech arrived here absolutely naturally. It did not require making difficult decisions or choosing a vision of the future. Other Ukrainian companies, which are successful today, underwent similar processes. And they will not stop. Ukrainian business will not stop fighting.

Photos provided by Mystetskyi Arsenal, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukrainee, The Gate, shutterstock.

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