Plants’ Health Institute in Cherkassy by Vitaly Ilchenko


On June 7, 2018 in Cherkassy the Institute of Plants’ Health was solemnly opened. It is the first private research institute in Ukraine, into creation of which Ukravit group of companies invested $ 7 million. And the initiator of such a large-scale return of Ukrainians into science is the owner of Ukravit - Vitaly Ilchenko.

The land of our children
Any company working in the field of plant protection products has its own research laboratory. However, only Ukravit developed it into a scientific research institute.
Of course, first of all, it will develop new active substances and preparations to protect crops from diseases and pests. But the institute will work not only on Ukravit products, it will provide research services to all Ukrainian farmers. The final goal of its creation, as Vitaly Ilchenko admits, is much more global than just science.
Vitaly Ilchenko and journalists
"We want to change the attitude of the agrarians to our land," he says. - Because with an unprofessional approach to the land it degrades. Those chernozems that we once were proud of, gradually turn into sand, into cotton wool, in which the plant can grow only due to a large number of fertilizers.
We need a new approach to our crops, to make them healthy and to safe them for us, for our children. We did not receive the land as a legacy from our fathers, we borrowed it from our children. And this is our responsibility in front of future generations”.
Ukravit can compete with Chinese companies
For 18 years of its existence the group of companies headed by Vitaly Ilchenko has become the leader among domestic enterprises in the agrochemical sector of Ukraine. Especially good pace of development it demonstrates in recent years: in 2014 the volume of production of Ukravit was 2,000 tons, then in 2018 it is 8,000 tons and this is not the end of the year. By early 2019, it will be increased to 16,000 tons - at the company's plant in Cherkassy and 6 new shops will be put into operation, 50 million hryvnias have been invested in equipping them already.
According to Vitaly Ilchenko, the total volume of the Ukrainian plant protection market is approximately 100,000 tons, the vast majority of which is from abroad, from China and India. And 8% of the market for the Ukrainian producer is a very good indicator.
Ukrainian research base in the form of the Plants’ Health Institute will allow the company not only to confirm its status as a leader of the domestic market, but also to become more competitive internationally. Moreover, Ukravit has already started exporting products to Georgia and Moldova, and this is clearly not the limit of opportunities for the manufacturer.
You need to be proud of science, not raw materials
A special pride of the Institute of Plants’ Health is its newest equipment. For the laboratories, the most modern samples were bought from well-known world manufacturers. And the staff of the institute clearly glowed when they told about their equipment to journalists during the excursion, which was arranged on Ukravit in honor of the official opening of the scientific institution.
stand of  Institute of Plants’ Health
However, this is not surprising - leadership requires investment and they exist: since 2014 Ukravit has invested in the production of plant protection products $ 20 million and more than a third of this amount - $ 7 million - is an investment in the formation and work of the Institute.
Earlier no one invested so much into science as Mr/ Ilchenko and it's good that this finally has appeared. As Mr. Ilchenko says, "I wish such scientific institutions in Ukraine appear more and more, because it's a shame to be proud only of exporting raw materials. The future belongs to the science!"


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