10 Most Successful Ukrainian Startups

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The modern dynamic world dictates its terms, calling for permanent evolvment. The ambitious and creative Ukrainians support this exciting process, bringing the most unusual and innovative ideas into life. Many successful Ukrainian startups have gained popularity all over the world and got serious financing to implement promising projects. So what are the best trending startups ideas in Ukraine? Let`s find out.


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This is definitely one of the best and the most famous business startups that have been ever launched in Ukraine. TripMyDream had been founded in 2015, and in a year it became the best touristic startup of the globe according to the results of Seedstars Summit 2016 contest. The founders of TripMyDream wanted not only to provide users with the best options of airline tickets. They offered to determine automatically their final destination depending on the budget, season and type of vacation. TripMyDream received USD 500 000 investments and nowadays makes good money on the British market.


dog near modern gadget
Petcube company founded in 2012, produces useful gadgets for pet owners. The main office of the company is located in San Francisco. Petcube offers its clients innovative solutions for remote interaction with their pets. The devices united in a mobile application allow to watch your pets while you are away and even to play with them. For an example, you can play with your cat using laser pointer or feed your dog by pushing a special button on the display of your phone.

Technovator Wireless Charger

modern charger for phones
Using Technovator wireless charger, you can charge up to four smart phones in the same time. During charging, the phones have to be put in special cases that are included. With the help of Technovator, smart phones can be charged even on distance. Just turn on Technovator and place your phone in the radius of 5 meters around it. The attempts to create such device had been already made before, but only the creators of Technovator achieved such a significant coverage area of the gadget.


women with device that controls dreams
This is a special device made to control the dreams of the owner. Luciding looks like a head bandage with many transducers and electrodes. The action principle of Luciding lies in the controlling sleep phases. When a user gets into rapid eye movement sleep, the device detects it and sends an electric impulse with frequency 40 Hertz into the brain. Such impulse, lasting not more than 30 seconds, provides a user with an opportunity to control the dream. This unique startup that has no analogs in the world has already attracted numerous potential buyers.


window with blinds and table with laptop
These window blinds presented in 2017 are able to transform sunbeams into electricity. It became possible due to the special photovoltaic structures built-in the device. If you install SolarGaps in a room, it will be able to produce 100 kW of electricity during a month. In the case you place this eco-friendly device on the external part of the building, it will be capable of producing 1.5 times more electricity.


DNA tests on the table
This innovative startup was founded in 2016 by two girls who graduated from the biology department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Myhelix service allows analyzing DNA information in order to determine the proper diet for a particular person. For an example, Myhelix helps to define allowed daily norm of alcohol, caffeine and so on. Nowadays this Kyiv-based company does commercial DNA tests and provides recommendations of what is beneficial or damaging for the heath of a client.

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Flawless App

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Flawless App was created by Akhmed Suleiman and Liza Dzuiba in 2015. This app startup is a tool for comparing design with a real mobile application during development. Flawless App allows a developer to detect and to correct visual errors in mobile applications before they get to users. The founders say that Flawless App helps developers to save 30 hours monthly. The list of the startup`s clients includes such well-known brands as Uber, Disney, eBay and other companies.


cup made in 3d printer
While thinking to start a small business in Ukraine in 2015, Volodymyr Usov elaborated the idea of Kwambio — the first world`s Internet shop of designer`s 3D models. Nowadays, this Ukrainian startup has offices in Odesa and New York. The company deals with 3D printing of ceramic and metal items along with the development of innovations in the field of 3D printing and additive production technologies. Kwambio has printed more than 10000 items for the clients from Europe and the USA. In December 2017, Kwambio presented its new development Ceramo One. The creators of the device call it “the first highly-precise 3D-printer for printing ceramic items”. The Ukrainian printer differs from its analogs by the high speed (160 mm/s) and precision (20 micron), and also by the wide choice of self-developed materials that allow printing both designer`s and industrial objects.


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Softcube startup was founded in 2013 as a Big Data product for Internet shops. Since then, the team of the project has attracted around USD 500 000 of investments. In 2017, the company closed the deal with Chernovetskyi Investment Group. After that, the startup completely changed its project. Nowadays Softcube offers retailers automatic creation of effective video advertisements using artificial intelligence. Such advertisements comprise all catalogs of products. Softcube is the only one Ukrainian startup that has been selected for Techstars Berlin accelerator program in fall 2018.

Let’s Enhance

picture enhanced by modern app and manually
Let`s Enhance is a platform that processes pictures with the help of neural networks, allowing increase of resolution by four times, to minimize quality losses and to increase definition. The project was launched in November 2017. Since then, the platform has been used by more than 350 000 users. Nowadays the team is preparing Let`s Enhance version for the companies.
The perspective startups in Ukraine are born to make life of Ukrainians as well as people in the whole world easy and comfortable. We believe that they will successfully reach this goal.
Photo source: unsplash.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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