Electrocar Sharing Service in Odesa

Electrocar Sharing Service in Odesa

On June 1st, 2017 Odesa launched Mobile Car, a new electrocar sharing service. This is a one-way on-street hired car service where cars can be left anywhere when your journey is over.

It is billed as the ultimate convenient urban motoring: the use of a car on demand without the hassles and costs of owning one. Pick it up near home or work on the spur of the moment, pay by the minute, and park almost anywhere you want. To become a member of this car-sharing service one simply needs to upload the Mobile Car application on their smartphone (available for both Android and IOS devices), attach the photocopy of your ID and driving license as well as schedule the  briefing meeting with the Mobile Car service instructor. At the briefing the instructor will inform on all the important information for safe and comfortable use of the car-sharing service and will ask to sign the member-agreement. After all the formalities are over, you are ready to use this new car-sharing service in Odesa.
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The service offers new and comfortable Nissan Leaf cars. To rent a car for one minute costs UAH 2,5. Members of the service use a smartphone app to find a nearby car and book it. For the 20 minutes the car will await for its driver free of charge, in case the waiting time is longer it will be billed UAH 1.5 per minute. Customers can drop off the car anywhere in the city, where the parking is allowed using the smartphone app to lock and unlock the vehicle. 

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Members of the car-service have to have at least 3 years of driving experience. Drivers can take the vehicles anywhere within Odesa city area. The cars are rented out fully charged, washed, checked, with a dry-cleaned salon. What makes it attractive is that it is convenient for short journeys. This service is most often chosen for journeys up to 20-30 minutes, and the prices are meant to compete with the cost of a taxi.
Photo source: mobilecar.com.ua

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