Rolls-Royce Wraith High Technology

Rolls-Royce Wraith High Technology

Photo Rolls-Royce WebpageThe names of Rolls-Royce cars have been traditionally encurtained with mystic: Ghost, Phantom, Silver Spirit, Seraphim. Wraith is a spirit that steals souls. It is easy to believe in this name’s power because a new Rolls-Royce coupe firmly takes a soul away.

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Nowadays a legendary Rolls-Royce brand lives a very interesting period of its life. Pessimists believe it interrupts centuries-old traditions but the optimists are sure that this is a rise and return to basics. A tenfold increase in sales over the past ten years clearly demonstrates that the optimists are right.
If we refer to the sources, we recall that Rolls-Royce technical perfection has always been advantage driving force. Cars created by Henry Royce are world-known for their reliability. Approximately 80% of cars that have been produced within the history of the brand are still on-the-fly.


In 1998 Vickers sold the Rolls-Royce and Bentley business to Volkswagen. But Rolls-Royce name was not sold.
The brand right (and nothing else) was bought by BMW. This motor-car construction leader, a multiple winner of "Car of the Year" and "Engine of the Year" nominations has developed a new generation of Rolls-Royce cars from scratch.

Nowadays the cars are assembled at Goodwood plant in Great Britain with the direct participation of the best British craftsmen. At the same time perfect British style is complemented by one of the most high-tech engines, advanced electronics and, perhaps, the most advanced navigation and entertainment on the market. This combination raises the modern Rolls-Royce to an unattainable height. This is the reason for optimism.
Does Rolls-Royce have to be a high-tech? Of course, yes. And it's not the point of Sir Henry’s legacy. The key word that characterizes Rolls-Royce cars is “effortless” and it applies to everything: quick drive, parking maneuvers, comfort of passengers and music in the car. Modern technologies help to drive a huge car easily.

Rolls-Royce Wraith
"Carriage” doors in Rolls-Royce Wraith have a special technology. Electromechanical lock keeps the door open to more or less significant rate but the car does not go if the door is not closed. Rolls-Royce experts had not only to develop the system but also to prove its reliability as well as to obtain permission to operate the "carriage" doors.


As to the engine, its 6.6-liter V12 develops a power of 624 hp and a torsion torque of 800 Nm with acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.
Powerful body of Wraith model is based on air suspension with variable stiffness dampers with electronic control. Every 2.5 milliseconds the computer optimizes the stiffness of each absorber in order to maintain the body in a horizontal position regardless of the terrain and the lateral acceleration following the indications of the plurality of sensors.

8-speed automatic transmission of Wraith model consults the satellite navigation system to select stages. Gear box prepares to turn reducing the transmission of the braking and does not allow switching on the reducer, so that the car is clearly intend a trajectory and keeps stable.
The front part of the car is equipped with wide-angle cameras that give the opportunity to fully explore the crossroads long time before entering them. Round view system helps while parking this huge car.

The digital speedometer, traffic signs, guidance navigation and trip computer information are projected onto the windshield in full color and high resolution.
The driver can draw directly on the touch-letter logo of controller to find the desired song in the music cloud service or enter the address in the browser.

While opening the door of a massive Wraith you will find a niche in the doorway with Rolls-Royce veiled logo. This is an umbrella handle knob that is always ready to shelter the passengers from bad weather. Niche is connected to the climate system and a dryer with air-conditioned air to dry the wet umbrella which also has a water-repellent Teflon coating.
The statuette on the cowl is also technological. It immediately hides under the hood if there is a danger to hurt any pedestrian. It also works the same when the car is parked and someone tries to steal the statuette.
This car is really impressive with technological approach to assure the best comfort while the ride.

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