Veterano Cab Taxi Service Launches in Kyiv

Veterano Cab Taxi Service Launches in Kyiv

Veterano Cab, a new taxi service recently launched in Kyiv, is a project of Veterano Group – an organization, founded by ATO veteran Leonid Ostaltsev. Veterano Group specializes on projects that provide employment for former ATO participants – veterans. More about the freshly launched taxi service and about other Veterano Group activities in our article below.

As Leonid Ostaltsev has announced on his Facebook page, the new Veterano Cab service is very easy and comfortable to use. The application is designed similarly to well-known Uber and Uklon taxi services. The project offers its users two options: to use Vaterano Cab as a passenger or to become a driver. If you want to use it as a passenger, all you have to do is to download application, to install it on your phone and to pass a 30-second registration. After this, you can easily call a taxi using the app. In case you have a personal car and want to be a Veteran Cab driver, you need to download Veteran Driver application, to install it on your smartphone and to register. After this step, you will have to provide all required data, to take some photos and to send them to the administration. In a short time, an applicant will be contacted by Veterano Cab representative, who will inform where and when to arrive for car inspection.
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Leonid Ostaltsev notes that this project is a chance for hundreds or even thousands ATO veterans to find a good and reliable job. All terms and conditions are simple and clear. Everyone interested can read them in agreement and in the application.
On April 25, Veterano Cab service successfully took its first passengers for a ride. The minimal price for a ride is UAH 40 for a standard car and UAH 55 for a more comfortable car. When calling a taxi, users can choose different additional conditions, such as car for smokers, car with a child seat and car with possibility of pets transportation. The free application is available both for iOS and Android. You can find links for downloading Veteran Cab app on the project website
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Veterano Cab is not the only project supervised by Veterano Group. In the beginning of 2017, the organization launched Veterano Pizza – a network of pizzerias, providing jobs for ATO veterans. The project was started by Leonid Ostaltsev, who returned from ATO in summer 2015. Before participating in ATO, Leonid was working as pizzaiolo, and when he came back from the front, he began to think about starting his own business. His idea of creating a pizzeria with staff consisting of former ATO warriors was quickly brought into life. Nowadays, Veterano Pizza network includes restaurants in Kyiv, Dnipro and Stebnik.
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Pizza Veterano menu offers 14 types of pizza, including “Ukrainian” and “Oduvanchik” (“Dandelion”) – the pizza named after Leonid`s frontline nickname. Along with pizza, clients are welcome to taste pasta, salads and many delicious cocktails, mixed by an ex-warrior from Mariupol. By the way, all ATO participants can order all food and drinks in Pizza Veterano with 50% discount. Moreover, 10% of pizzeria profit is given to help ATO participants and their families.
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