Best Desserts in Lviv

Best Desserts in Lviv

Photo: Bilka Bakery Facebook PageThe best places for dessert in Lviv inspire you to throw out all the rules—eat with moderation, save the best for last—and give in to sugary bliss, no matter what the time of day.

If your sweet tooth is what some would call 'legendary', Destinations offers to check out recently opened best dessert café in Lviv for cake, pastries and everything else to keep you happy. Celebrating the European tradition of café culture and as the only café fronting Lviv’s vibrant residential area of the western part of the city, by day, Shoco offers the finest pastries and patisseries, chocolates and pralines, breakfasts, light lunches, afternoon tea and wide variety of coffee specialties and hot drinks. Delight in over-the-top varieties of classic childhood desserts as well as their signature desserts. Shoco Bakery in Lviv entices visitors into its cozy atmosphere with a rotating selection of delectable desserts made in house daily, in addition to heaping milkshakes, specialty coffees and hot beverages.
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Shoco signature dessert, photo - Facebook
Bilka Bakery and Coffee Shop (1, Soborna Square, Roksolana shopping center, 4th floor, Lviv) is a full-service bakery and diner that had got a great number of loyal followers since it opened its doors 2 years ago. Bilka Bakery offers unusual and seasonal treats as well as popular classic baked goods. Experienced bakers use time-honored baking methods as well as new confectionery techniques, making everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients.

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Birthday cake at Bilka, photo - Facebook
In Lvivska Tsukiernia (3, Staroievreiska Street, Lviv) guests meet the divine mix of different pastry traditions — Austrian, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, Czech, Italian, and Ukrainian, all of them with a slight scent of the Middle East at roots. The perfection had been polished during centuries, and delicious pastry emerged when elegance and luxury of restaurants set the pace for even more than modest way of life. Tsukiernia is one of the oldest pastry shop and confectionery in Lviv and is famous for its sensational cakes and baked goods. For many years Lvivska Tsukiernia has baked holiday specialties for its customers — pampukhs for Christmas and paskas for Easter.


Cukernia's signature dessert, photo from official web page
Veronika (21, Shevchenko avenue) is the oldest and probably the best city confectionery. Sweets made by old Austrian-Hungarian recipes are really delicious. You won’t find any other confectionary in Lviv with such a wide selection of candies, biscuits and cakes. Its central location and iconic status makes Veronika top destination for the well-groomed local crowd as well as numerous travelers looking for the best desserts in Lviv.


Photo - Veronika web page
There is always a small crowd around this tiny dessert place in the heart of Lviv on Rynok Square, so be ready to hold your waffle craving for 15-20 minutes waiting in line. Teenagers, tourists, loud party goers hungry for a bite crowd the narrow entryway to Bubble Waffle Lviv waiting for their waffles stuffed with a plush scoops of ice cream, topped with fruits, syrup and colorful cereal. This delicious waffle, sometimes called egg waffle or eggette, is a large hexagon shaped waffle which has a unique bubbled texture. Enjoy a tasty treat that's been transported all the way from the sidewalk vendors of Hong Kong. Bubble Waffle in Lviv (40, Rynok Square, Lviv) is one of the most popular local dessert places in Lviv offering the iconic egg waffles with its own European twist.

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Photo - Bubble Waffle Facebook page
Appetizers are nice and entrées are essential, but people adore desserts. For many of us a day without something sweet is like a day without joy. «Destinations» brings you Lviv's most jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing desserts — from legendary Hong Kong bubble waffle to classic French eclairs. These treats aren't just memorable, they are worth every single delicious calorie.

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