Bike Cafe and Vegan Bakery: B2 Bike and Bakery in Kyiv

Bike Cafe and Vegan Bakery: B2 Bike and Bakery in Kyiv

Bike and healthy foods enthusiasts alert! B2 Bike and Bakery is a brand new, multi-purpose concept space in Kyiv offering its visitors to enjoy healthy dining experience, use the in-house bike repair shop or bike rental and, of course, try their signature vegan baked goods.

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B2 Bike and Bakery is a collaboration project of B12 Candy Bar and Pomaranchevy Rover (Orange Bike) bike shop. B12 Candy Bar is a popular place among Kyiv vegan community members. It offers a great selection of vegan baked goods, candies and desserts. Here guests buy vegan chocolate, cakes, cupcakes and candy; none of these goods contain sugar - it is replaced by natural honey. Bakers at B12 Candy Bar also don’t use any artificial food dyes - instead only natural coloring ingredients such as mint, dried blueberries, beats, turmeric are used. Chocolate is also hand-made and is prepared either with cocoa beans or carob (a type of chocolate rarely seen in Kyiv).
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This concept space aims at gathering together people who are fans of cycle culture and healthy living. Bike Cafe and Vegan Bakery is a place where visitors will find a welcoming atmosphere to spend some quality time with their friends and while they are at it they can have their bikes fixed or simply pumped up. The menu of this place was carefully chosen to cater to the bikers needs: for instance, there is a great selection of food rich in protein and full of calories, which is very important for a long bike rides. Here guests could try organic protein hemp milkshakes, authentic Brazilian coffee, selection of teas from Taiwan, vegan brownies, lavender cookies and many other interesting sweet delights.
Address: 24, Mezhygirska street, Kyiv.
Photo source: B12 Candy Bar & Pomaranchevy Rover Facebook pages 

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