‘Black Honey’ Lviv new hip coffee shop

‘Black Honey’ Lviv new hip coffee shop

It is hard to miss this coffee shop while passing by. ‘Black Honey’ is a brand new hip place in Lviv to enjoy your daily cup of coffee.

This coffee-shop boasts an ultra-trendy interior as well as impressive selection of coffee brands and brews. The place has an airy and bright atmosphere due to floor to ceiling windows and minimalistic furniture. If you are a fan of coffee shops in downtown Amsterdam and London, this is your ultimate place for coffee in Lviv.

Black honey 1
Photo: Black Honey Facebook page
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Interesting detail is that you will not find your classical fast food variations of coffee on the menu, like americano for example. ‘Black Honey’ offers a number of alternative ways in brewing coffee. You can order your drink to be brewed in pour over, chemex, kalita or aeropress. Brewed in modern equipment and served in cool cups and mugs, ‘Black Honey’ coffee brings your everyday cup of joy ritual to a new level.

Black honey 2
‘Black Honey’ coffee-shop doesn’t serve food, however, you will always find freshly baked croissants and colorful macaroons to go perfectly with your drink. ‘Black Honey’ in Lviv is an ultimate hip place to meet your friends for a chat or simply to take a break during your busy day to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.
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Address: 2, Kostyushka street. Lviv

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