Chashka Espresso Bar

Chashka Espresso Bar

Chashka Espresso bar is located in the heart of Kyiv on Bessarabs’ka Square. This cafe offers an unusual selection of coffee and coffee-based drinks, American style desserts and a no-fuss and friendly service.

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Strategically located in the center of busy megapolis, Chashka Espresso bar is neighboring some major Kyiv business centers and is popular among art-lovers visiting PinchukArtCenter. This place takes coffee seriously and offers the best aromatic brews and interesting coffee drinks. Besides classic espresso, ristretto and macchiato, baristas make unusual coffee halva with sesame seeds, double espresso with milk aka flat white and popular in Europe rough-coffee with cream and vanilla sugar.
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Chashka Espresso Bar prides itself for exceptionally skilled baristas, who know their business when it comes to coffee. The place often hosts workshops and lectures for professional baristas and all coffee enthusiasts. Here guests can savor fragrant coffee brewed in aero press or with a siphon brewing method.

The menu is carefully prepared in such a manner that visitors can have a pleasant and healthy meal, should they be looking for food besides coffee. Healthy soups, ciabatta and sandwiches are most popular lunch food in Chashka. In addition, the place serves delicious breakfasts from 8 AM. The breakfast menu features the classic English porridge, fried eggs, granola and oatmeal cereal with various additions such as dries fruits, nuts, fresh fruits and yoghurt.

The dessert menu at Chashka Espresso bar deserves a separate mentioning. Here you’ll find all the beloved American desserts classic such as New York cheesecake, Red Velvet cake, pumpkin pie, chocolate pound cake and many others.


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The interior of the place is simple and laconic with many wood details and cups as main theme for decoration. Here one can explore the collection of cups brought from the restaurants from around the globe by Igor Sukhomlyn, the Chashka Espresso Bar owner. Interesting detail: all guests are being greeted with a cheerful and loud «Hello» from the friendly stuff and not just a curt nod or silent wave of the hand.
Address: 1, Velika Vasilkivska str., Kyiv.
Another Chashka Coffeeshop which is also a coffee mini-store is located on 15, Shota Rustavelli street in Kyiv. 
12, Ekaterininskaya str., Odesa
Photo source: Chashka Espresso Bar Facebook Page

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