FIKA Swedish Coffee shop in Lviv

FIKA Swedish Coffee shop in Lviv

Photo: Fika Facebook PageThis bright and chirpy café is a design lesson in Nordic minimalism, perked up with cheerful splashes of patriotic yellow and blue. Barely a month old (Fika opened in the last week of June) Fika has already proven a hit with locals as well as tourists, all cosied up with mugs of Oboy hot chocolate or glasses of ice-cold lattes or frappucinos.

In Sweden, fika is a daily break, traditionally involving coffee and treats. In truth, fika is about much more than caffeine and carbs; it's a Swedish social institution where friends gather to chat about life and current events. Inspired by Swedish siesta-style tradition of taking fika with coffee and sweets, Fika Lviv has created a spot for people to grab a quick bite and escape from fuss for a few minutes.

Fika 1
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Wrap your hands around a giant cup of Swedish tea – blends with names like Stockholm South, Nordic Forest and Polaris – and settle in among the lemon-yellow cushions. You’ll have to order and pay at the register, but your food will be brought to you when it’s ready.
Rock up early enough for breakfast and you can get into the oatmeal porridge with caramelized apples or the Swedish breakfast tray that includes a breakfast bun, muesli, boiled egg and freshly squeezed orange juice.

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Desserts are all house-made, from a rustic wedge of apple pie to a fine rhubarb and raspberry crumble. Chocoholics should head straight for the kladdkaka, a traditional Swedish chocolate cake that has the texture of a rich and squidgy brownie. It’s hard to pass up the cinnamon buns too – petite buttery scrolls rolled up with cinnamon sugar.
The interior design of Fika Lviv is extremely clean and bright. Tasteful mixture of whites, greys, and blues leave the cafe uncluttered, though small pleasant touches can be found everywhere once guests start looking around. Behind the bar there is a collection of coffee blends available for sale and walls are adorned with vintage movie and music posters of Swedish origin.

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If you want to jump on the world's rapidly growing Swedish fika trend of sitting down for a coffee and cake alone, with friends or work colleagues, apparently Fika Swedish coffee shop in Lviv is a place to go. This cafe, named after the Swedish coffee break tradition, is the perfect dreamy oasis to take that restful – yet caffeinated – time to enjoy a few moments with friends.
Address: 21, S. Bandery str., Lviv

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