Kashtan Coffee Shop in the Backyard with Ravens

Kashtan Coffee Shop in the Backyard with Ravens

The old Kyiv yard on Reytarska street near Zoloti Vorota subway station is a famous place, loved by locals and tourists. This yard is notable for its unusual dwellers: three black crows live here in a large aviary. The locals take care of the birds, while the guests like to bring them different tasty things. Now those who visit the yard to communicate with the pet ravens can also enjoy a cup of excellent coffee in newly opened Kashtan coffee shop.

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The famous birds are called Kirill, Karlusha and Korbin. The crows like to pose for cameras, and starting from the end of July those who come to take a photo of friendly birds can do it enjoying a fresh tasty drink at the same time. Kashtan (“Chestnut”) is a small coffee shop, located right in the front of ravens` aviary. The café has only one room, but it impresses with cozy atmosphere created by a small counter, few tables, live plants and a record player with vinyls. The visitors are welcome to bring their own discs to listen to favorite music. There are only few chairs, but owners promise to add couch to the interior in the nearest future. Guests can also sit outside.
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In Soviet times, this room was used for politics related meetings, then it served as a location of housing maintenance office, and after that the room stayed empty for many years. The owners of Kashtan coffee shop did all renovating works by themselves: they made roof insulation, renovated wooden wall panels and arranged concrete plate, which serves as a counter. The guys decided to use a chestnut as a coffee shop`s official logo. This symbol, which was used in classic Kyiv visual identity from 1960s, was slightly changed for Kashtan logo.
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Currently the café is working in test mode. The menu mostly includes cold and hot coffee. Here you can order espresso, cappuccino, Americano, flat white, cold brew. There is also vegan coffee made of soy, coconut or almond milk. It should be mentioned that the cost of vegan coffee does not differ from cost of ordinary coffee. Soon some tasty desserts and drinks will be added to menu (pour over, various teas etc). In autumn, Kashtan café is going to serve roasted chestnuts.
Come to Kashtan coffee shop to enjoy a delicious drink, good music and interesting talk and watch black ravens.
Address: 9b, Reytarska street
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00 daily.
Photo source: Kashtan Coffee Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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