Kyiv’s Best Strudel and Pies

Kyiv’s Best Strudel and Pies

Photo: shutterstock.comSumptuous American pies and German strudels are perfect food snack for cold winter days. Luckily, Kyiv dining scene is not lacking in places, where foodies can enjoys those pastry creations. «Destinations» rounded up the best places for strudel and pies in Kyiv.

Every country has its own unique baking traditions — and happily for Kyiv dwellers, there's a vast number of bakeries where you can enjoy these.  German strudel became very popular food all around the world. The principal meaning of the German word «strudel» is a whirlpool. A strudel's fillings are rolled into the dough as into an eddy, and, when cut across, look like the driftwood sucked into the vortex of a river. Strudel may sound unsophisticated, but making it isn't simple. It needs fine flour, a wooden pastry board, a clean cloth and a pair of deft hands.
Lvivski Plyacky (Lviv Pies), which has many locations all around Kyiv, is definitely one of the best places to have the traditional Lviv-style pastry, strudel, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. The strudel menu offers a large variety of fillings, both sweet (such as cherry or rhubarb strudel) and savory (such as cabbage or salmon strudel). What’s more, the café is centrally located and the atmosphere and service are warm and welcoming.
Address: 5, Spaska steet, Kyiv; 12-14 B. Khmelnytskoho street, Kyiv; 33, Peremogy avenue, Kyiv.

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In case you don’t feel like going out on these cold winter days, you can order a strudel of your choice to be derived right to your door. Strudel’nya-Maysternya (Strudel Shop) offers fast delivery of delicious freshly made strudels all around Kyiv. You can make an on-line order via their Facebook page or by phone. Strudel’nya-Maysternya has a variety of strudels with an offer of different doughs and fillings on the menu.

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Photo: Srudel'nya-Maysternya Facebook Page
Moving on from strudels to pies, we’d like to introduce the traditional Australian pies now made right here in Ukraine.
Described as Australia’s “Iconic National Dish” , the meat pie is a convenient hand-sized pocket of pastry filled with largely diced or minced meat and gravy, sometimes with onion, mushrooms, or cheese and often consumed as a takeaway food snack, but can be also used as a full meal with the family, by combining chips or vegetables.
With a rich, intense and rewarding flavour, these pies are not only popular in Australia, but all around the world. Peters Pies, the first traditional, fresh, tasty Australian meat pies are now available in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Peters Australian Pies is providing Ukrainians with tasty, hard crafted, and top-quality Australian meat pies. Check out their shop location all around Kyiv on the official web page.

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Pie and strudel are great main course meal option as well as a dessert because they offer more variety than maybe any other baked goods. There is a type of pie or strudel for everyone and, of course, there’s no shortage of any of these types of pastry in Kyiv. «Destinations» rounded up Kyiv’s best spots for strudel and pies.


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