Svit Kavy Coffee shop in Kiev

Svit Kavy Coffee shop in Kiev

Photo: cf.uaSvit Kavy, which name is translated as ‘The World of Coffee’, is exactly what it declares: a great place to have coffee. Legendary Lviv cafe Svit Kavy opens its first coffee shop in Kiev.

If you have been in Lviv at least once, or you are planning your trip here, you have probably heard of Svit Kavy coffee shop. This cafe usually sits on top of all «must visit» travel lists of Lviv. It’s not hard to tell why exactly this place turned into coffee mecca of Lviv.

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Boasting a prime location just behind Lviv Latin Cathedral, Svit Kavy offers over 30 sorts of Arabica coffee, coffee cocktails, signature Lviv-style pies and hot chocolate. You can easily spot a mayor of Lviv casually sipping his morning coffee here before heading to work as well as savy backpackers enjoying early-morning delicious breakfast for less than EUR 2.

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Expanding its traditions of good coffee making, Svit Kavy opens in Kiev. Located in Podil, this coffee shop offers basic loft interior design with a touch of Lviv atmosphere and old city charm. There is a summer terrace on the sidewalk beside the coffee shop. It looks very cozy due to pleasant shadow from the trees and cute designer furniture.

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All the coffee begins with espresso and is always well made, from beans provided by a range of roasters. The machine is well tended to between coffees, and milk is foamed, poured and decorated carefully. Food is simple and of high quality: a handful of sandwiches and a lovely spread of baked goods.

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The formula is simple and very effective. Buy good beans and treat them with respect. Create a relaxing space. Employ staff who know that a smile and a friendly word are just as important as efficiency. It pays off. It looks like this new coffee place in Kiev is destined for success just as its Lviv coffee shop sister.

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