Dacha Country Restaurant in Odessa

Dacha Country Restaurant in Odessa

Dacha country restaurant in Odessa is almost two centuries of history of famous Odessa hospitality, real love to comfort, good time spending and delicious food.

Dacha (country house) restaurant is located in a beautiful building with green picturesque territory around it in the Frantsuzky (French) Boulevard in Odessa, so it is not a typical country restaurant. Back in the XIX century, when this mansion was built, all the wealthy businessmen and landlords were building their estates in this neighborhood under the cozy shadows of Odessa’s ancient trees. One of the mansion’s owners - Nikolay Perez – was well-known in Odessa bohemian and elite circles for his hospitality and love for traditional Odessa cuisine.

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Photo: Dacha Official Facebook page
In the XX century, the appointment of the place has changed: a spa-resort was settled at this place, where the voices of famous singers Utesov and Shulzhenko were heard instead of famous romances and the dinners were not noisy any more. However, easy and carefree atmosphere remained the same.

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Photo: Dacha Official Facebook page
The spirit of this special place in Odessa was accurately felt by the successful restaurateur Savely Libkin, who returned the old sincere and hospitable manor look to the Dacha.

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Photo: Dacha Official Facebook page
At the Dacha restaurant in Odessa everything returned to its places: the house is filled with familiar smells of the kitchen, there are pleasant sounds of floorboards creaking under the guests’ feet, the cans with home-made jams and pickled vegetables, grown here, are stored on the shelves and there is always a cozy noise of people chatting and laughing around. Another specialty of the place that makes it feel even more like home: the rooms are designed to be a terrace, living room, guest room, bedroom and bathroom as they originally were in the country house.
Feel the unforgettable atmosphere of Dacha country restaurant in Odessa and forget that you are in its city center!
Address: 85 Frantsuzky Blvd, Bldg 15, Odessa
Contact: +38 048 770 31 19

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