Barsuk Restaurant in Kiev

Barsuk Restaurant in Kiev

Each of Dima Borisov’s Gastrofamily restaurants has an original concept and Barsuk restaurant in Kiev is not an exception. However, its gem is hidden not under the cover of exotic products and high cuisine, but in owner’s special attitude towards cooking. Unforgettable gastronomic experience is guaranteed for those who appreciate taste of food and love home-style cuisine!

Barsuk (Badger) is a democratic style restaurant in Kiev with a cozy home-like atmosphere, which people like so much while traveling abroad. Here guests can taste popular and so familiar home-style European cuisine as well as discover new horizons of traditional approach to Ukrainian dishes.

Photo: Barsuk Official Facebook page
The main team has been working here since the opening in 2010, and the owner and the brand-chef Dima Borisov is here almost all the time welcoming guests or cooking at the restaurant’s open kitchen, which, by the way, is the first one in Kiev.

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Photo: Barsuk Official Facebook page
European early breakfasts and hearty lunches at Barsuk restaurant are said to be one of the best in Kiev. As for the main menu, here you can find original modifications of well-known appetizers, salads, soups, risotto and pasta classics as well as a selection of fine steaks, fish and burgers.

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Photos: Barsuk Official Facebook page
In addition, loving all of the guests, there are some vegetarian and even vegan options to choose. As for the bar, one can find here various beers, strong alcohol, cocktails and the wine card is also pretty good with a small but thoughtful selection of sparkling, white, rose and red wines from France, Italy, Chile and New Zeeland.

Photo: Barsuk Official Facebook page
Barsuk can proudly count its achievements, but the most important thing is that it has developed a concept of a ‘gastronomy’ place and has successfully integrated it into restaurant business in Ukraine. Everything here revolves around food, but is not concentrated on marketing or interior emotions.
To expand this cooking philosophy and restaurant principles Dima Borisov has established Barsuk’s Food and Wine School.

Once you come to Barsuk restaurant in Kiev, you will always want to come back here again!

Address: 3-A Kutuzov Lane, Kiev (at the Lyeskova str. corner)
Contact: +38 050 386 36 29

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