Best Desserts in Kyiv

Best Desserts in Kyiv

Photo: depositphotos.comAppetizers are nice and entrées are essential, but people adore desserts. For many of us a day without something sweet is like a day without joy. «Destinations» brings you Kyiv's most jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing desserts — from legendary Hong Kong bubble waffle to classic French eclairs. These treats aren't just memorable, they are worth every single delicious calorie.

While most adults can keep their sugar cravings at bay, it’s the kids who are often the most frequent guests at various dessert spots. Nowadays many of Kyiv’s cafes and restaurants have special children's menus, and provide special high chairs for toddlers and play areas for older kids to have fun. Some places though, go out of their way to make children welcome.

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Starting from the most popular dessert ever, ice-cream, «Destinations» suggests you to visit Umka Ice Cream Parlor (6, Kostolna Street, Kyiv). Umka Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants for kids in Kyiv. It’s tiny and draws a cool crowd around the clock, but standing in line next to the freezer-cabinets of ice-cream and cakes is no great hardship. The selection of flavors is impressive. All the ice-creams are made of organic and eco-friendly ingredients, which makes them almost a healthy food. Umka is the name of the polar bear cub from the beloved here in Ukraine cartoon and it makes a perfect name for an ice-cream parlor. The whole space is designed to make the guests of all ages feel cozy and comfortable.
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Photo: Umka Cafe Facebook Page
In case you are experiencing some major sugar craving and calories don’t matter anymore, we suggest you try Bubble Waffle in «Sky Mall» shopping center (2T, General Vatutin, Kyiv). Enjoy a tasty treat that's been transported all the way from the sidewalk vendors of Hong Kong. Bubble Waffle in Kyiv offers the iconic egg waffles with its own European twist.
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This delicious waffle, sometimes called egg waffle or eggette, is a large hexagon shaped waffle which has a unique bubbled texture. Bubble waffles have crispy golden outsides and light, tender interiors. The food item is also referred to as gai daan, by its Cantonese name, and is made of eggs, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk. These waffles are best served hot, and often eaten plain. However, they can also be served with fruit and flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate.

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Photo: Bubble Waffle Facebook Page
Those with a sweet tooth now can have super yummy bubble waffle in Kyiv dressed up with whipped cream, chopped nuts, variety of syrups, or served simply with generous layers of Nutella and cream cheese.

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For something more elegant and upscale, visit Éclair Little Artwork (6 Kostiolna str., Kyiv). This is the first place in Kyiv specializing specifically in this airy and sophisticated dessert. The basic concept of this sweet place is to stay away from ordinary representation of the beloved pastry and to make each eclair to taste and look as a small piece of art. ‘Éclair Little Artwork’ is organized in the format of a family-run confectionery: so that the owners have all the independence to create and prepare Éclairs with endless variations of flavors and decorations. The interior of the place is super cute and has a pleasant homely feel. It’s all about pastel colors, soft textures and hip patterns. Perfect location for girls’ meet up. Here you can also order a box of Éclairs in case you need a house warming present or a super cute gift.
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The best places for dessert in Kyiv inspire you to throw out all the rules—eat with moderation, save the best for last—and give in to sugary bliss, no matter what the time of day.

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