Kosher cuisine in Kyiv

Kosher cuisine in Kyiv

There are not many kosher restaurants in Kyiv unfortunately, so you don’t have a big choice of where to go. We mention the most famous of these places. Most probably, the situation will change in the nearest future and new restaurants will appear in Kyiv.

King David restaurant

This place is well known in the city. Numerous guests and many years of history created good image of this restaurant. The first hall is decorated in the old street style with night-lighting. The second hall is royally furnished. There are black-and-white photos of the old town in wooden frames on the walls; the Hebrew Scriptures and the national attributes are also used as decor. Excellent taste of dishes prepared according to the rules of kashrut and relaxing atmosphere help you to enjoy the evening in this restaurant.


Traditionally kosher places are closed on Saturdays, so the Shabbat menu is available here (large portions of dishes that are ordered on Friday for the weekend).
24, Esplanadna Str., Kyiv
Tsimes restaurant

This place is created in the spirit of the world-famous Jewish sense of humor and self-irony. It is located in Podil area, the place where historically Jewish diaspora have lived. Odessa city also influenced the idea of this restaurant because the city is famous with its funny stories thanks to friendly and positive Jewish people who live there.


The restaurant is decorated like old apartment of Aunt Sonya (famous Odessa character) and demonstrates the spirit of Jewish streets of Odessa. If you have never been in this legendary city you should visit Tsimes restaurant and most probably your next trip will be to Odessa.
5/10 Igorevskaya / Sagaydachnogo Str., Kyiv
New York Bagel Cafe

Close to the synagogue on Shorta Rustaveli street there is a small cafe where you can order well known all over the world the New York Bagel. The famous round bun with a hole in the middle and with a golden crispy crust is a traditional Jewish pastry the story of which begins in 1616 when beyglekh (Yiddish name of bun) was firstly mentioned in the Code of Jewish community.

It is cooked in a very special way: the dough boils in water first and then is baked. A delicious donut sprinkled with poppy or sesame seeds is complemented with the delicious filling and is served to guests. This is a best option when you have only 10 minutes for a lunch break.
15, Shota Rustaveli Str., Kyiv

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