Traditional Danish Smørrebrød Sandwiches in Kyiv

Traditional Danish Smørrebrød Sandwiches in Kyiv

The new restaurant on Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv is now offering the iconic Danish treat, Smørrebrød Sandwiches. Guests can also enjoy an extensive cocktail and comfortable take-away service.

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Lined up in café windows, served in specialty restaurants, and packed into their very own custom lunch boxes, sandwiches are everywhere in Denmark. They're piled high with pickled herring, spoonfuls of sharp horseradish cream, and mounds of fresh shrimp. At their simplest, smørrebrød (pronounced smuhr-broht) are open-faced sandwiches built on a thin layer of dense sourdough rye bread called rugbrød. The name of the sandwich itself comes from the words for butter (smør) and bread (brød). However, you'll rarely find one that limits itself to those two ingredients.
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Smørrebrød Restaurant close Maydan Nezalezhnosti features an intriguing Nordic design, all day breakfasts, bottled cocktails and an impressive variety of elaborate Danish sandwiches. The interior of the two-storeyed restaurant for 30 people is laconical, but cozy. While sitting in the restaurant it seams that the cold North sea should be not far outside, but instead you discover yourself in a very Kyiv downtown. The concept of the place is very democratic and relaxed, Smørrebrød is more of a street food joint than the restaurant. In the future the founders of Smørrebrød plan to host various parties and gastronomical events.

The main dish on the menu is, of course, smørrebrød. Currently there are 15 kinds of these Danish sandwiches on the menu, however, this number is likely to be increased in future. The price per piece ranges from UAH 85 to UAH 145. Among the most popular smørrebrøds among visitors are the ones with roast beef, pesto and pickled bell pepper, with baked «salo» (traditional Ukrainian pork fat), green pees pate and horse radish and veggie smørrebrød with artichokes.

As it turned out, finding an authentic ugbrød (dense sourdough rye bread) in Ukraine was quite challenging. This ingredient is now baked at the local Kyiv bakery specifically for the Smørrebrød Restaurant. In addition to sandwiches the menu also offers soups, salads and all day breakfasts.


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The comfortable take-away service offers fast and reliable packaging, eco-friendly cardboard boxes for 2 or 6 smørrebrød pieces. All the desserts at the restaurant are prepared in special glass jars, which is another comfortable takeaway option. The cocktails menu isn’t overly extensive, however, all the drinks are very well mixed and quickly served (as many of the cocktails are already pre-mixed in special glass bottles, which can also be ordered for take-away). Don't miss a chance to taste self-made fennel vodka and fruit liquers, served here. 
Address: 4, Gorodetskogo str., Kyiv
Photo source: Smørrebrød Restaurant Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful owners. 


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