Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv

Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv

Photo: Alfa Jazz Fest Facebook pageThe city of Lion is known as a center of art, literature, music and theatre arts in Ukraine. Nowadays, the indisputable evidence of the cultural wealth of the city is the large number of theaters, concert halls, art groups, as well as many creative activities held there. One of the most memorable of them is Alfa Jazz Fest.

Alfa Jazz Fest is an annual event dedicated to jazz music in Lviv, traditionally held in summer across various beautiful locations of Lviv. The festival usually attracts famous foreign jazz artists as well as international audience. The street music program, held already for two years, workshops, film shows and jam sessions add some spice and lightness to the festival’s program.

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Photo: Alfa Jazz Fest Facebook page
All the Festival events will be held in the very heart of Lviv, where old buildings and ancient streets will fill once again with jazz, becoming natural decorations of Alfa Jazz Fest. Hot summer wind and smooth jazz rhythms will mix together, creating a unique and charming city atmosphere.

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All the Festival locations are situated so close, that even a calm walk through the historical city center will let the guests hear every last note of the exquisite melodies.
- Stage dedicated to Eddie Rosner: main festival events will be held on the main stage in Boghdan Khmelnitsky Culture Park (4 Bolgarska str., Lviv), which was given the name in honor of the great jazz musician Eddie Rosner.
- Stage on Rynok Square: this open-air stage will be located on a beautiful square of the city – Rynok Square, Lviv’s favorite place for cultural events.
- Stage on Potocki Palace Square: an open city stage situated on one of the most beautiful streets in the central part of the city (15-A Copernika str., Lviv).
When: 24-27 June, 2016
Price: UAH 1500-3500

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