April 2018 Main Cultural Events

April 2018 Main Cultural Events

Even if the weather outside doesn’t comply with our wishes, there’s still a lot to distract us with from the fact — for instance, dedicating the night to going to the opera and listening to classical timeless arias, or broadening cultural horizons on various festivals. Luckily, this April is brimming with intriguing cultural events. Let’s check them out.

French Spring Festival

French Spring traditionally marks the beginning of spring in Ukraine. This year the cultural event will grasp 9 Ukrainian cities and present French and francophone culture in various aspects. Destinations prepared a guide of the festival, where everyone can find something up to their taste. To give an idea, in 2018 guests will be able to attend concerts of jazz and classical music, visit multiple photos and art exhibitions, as well as attend a culinary festival to enjoy the wonders of French cuisine.
When: 30.03 – 30.04
Where: multiple locations
Pysanka Festival
The tradition of pysanka, eggs decorated for Easter, goes centuries back in history and lives strong up to date. Traditional motifs differ from region to region, and each part of Ukraine prides in having unique décor and color palette. This April, locals, and tourists have an opportunity to marvel at pysankas, specially made by artists from different Ukrainian cities. Traditionally, human-sized eggs will be placed in the open air on Sofiiska Square. Previous fests counted as many as 858 eggs, so we can expect the same grandeur in 2018.
When: 05.04 – 22.04
Where: Sofiiska Square
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IYOV Opera

IYOV is a modern fusion of opera and requiem under the direction of Vlad Troitsky, the founder of GogolFest and director of ВОЗДУХ performance, which marked the opening of French Spring Festival 2018. The opera based on The Book of Job from the Old Testament and tells the story of self-discovery and sacrifice, accompanied by the sounds of piano, drums, and cello. IYOV has been presented in China, Austria, the USA and received high critical acclaim from American Theatre Critics Association.
When: 06.04, 7 P.M.
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
Bandura Duduk Jazz

Bandura is well known as an instrument beloved by Ukrainian Cossacks — since the 17th century, Zaporozhian Sich had countless choruses and orchestras, where bandura played the main role. Nowadays this string instrument isn’t simply bringing to life old traditions of dumas or folk songs — due to its unique structure, Bandura is a popular tool for various genres. One of the best bandurists in Ukraine, Roman Hrynkiv, will show how bandura perfectly fits in jazz. The renowned musician will be accompanied by Aleksei Korchagin, playing Armenian duduk, and Ehor Slavinski, playing double bass.
When: 14.04, 8 P.M.
Where: House of Artists
Tulips Festival
Spivoche Pole, or the Singing Field, located in the Pechersk Landscape Park is an often host of various events: from the most famous folk Kraina Mriy festival and sporting events to various flower festivals during spring and summer. In April, dwellers of Kyiv will have an opportunity to marvel at thousands of tulips of various colors and shapes, carefully selected and grown in the Pechersk Landscape Park.
When: starting 20.04
Where: Spivoche Pole
Dakh Daughters

This April seems to become the Vlad Troitsky projects month. Dakh Daughters is a noir cabaret whose career started way back in 2012 at the GogolFest in Kyiv. The band creates a unique fusion of classical Ukrainian literature texts, folk songs, and theatrical performance, revolving around pressing topics. With more than 15 instruments incorporated in the performance, the audience deems Dakh Daughters truly unforgettable.
When: 24.04, 7.30 P.M.
Where: October Palace
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Men in Motion

This April, the stage of Kyiv Opera House will be graced with the Men in Motion concert, where the best ballet dancers of the world will show the history of dance throughout centuries. Two new performers will join the troupe this time: Alessandro Staiano, the star of Naples Teatro di San Carlo, and Denys Cherevychko, leading soloist of Vienna State Opera. The premiere of the concert was hosted by Sadler's Wells Theatre in London and received high critical acclaim, inspiring the troupe to continue their breathtaking performance.
When: 28.04, 7 P.M.
Where: National Opera of Ukraine
Pysanka Festival
lviv pysanka
Easter in Ukraine is unimaginable without pysankas – that’s why Lviv is engaged in Pysanka festivals just like the capital of Ukraine. Dwellers of the city and tourists will have a chance to observe the unusual solutions of pysanka making: for instance, decorating with branches, flowers, and chocolate. The festival also hosts workshops for adults and kids who want to try themselves in this traditional Ukrainian craft.
When: 23.03 — 15.04
Where: Muzeina Square, near the Dominican Church
Veryovka Ukrainian National Folk Choir Concert

The unique Hryhoriy Veryovka folk choir is almost synonymous with “Ukrainian folk music”, as their performances present the songs, dumas and traditional instruments truly steal the spotlight. This time, the choir will step away from their classical repertoire to perform spiritual music, suitable for Easter — from psalms and prayers set to music Ukrainian composers to Mozart’s Requiem. The hall of Church of St. Mary Magdalene (now Lviv Organ Hall) will be filled with 150 voices, sending shivers in the audience.
When: 04.04, 7 P.M.
Where: Lviv Organ Hall
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Organ Concert
Without doubts, the capital of Ukraine isn’t the only city that boasts of breathtaking organ music concerts. This April, honored artists of Ukraine will perform in Odesa Opera House. The program will include pieces by timeless composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Offenbach, and Gioachino Rossini.
When: 06.04, 6.30 P.M
Where: Odesa Opera House
The genius of Giuseppe Verdi will be presented this April in Odesa Opera House with his timeless classic opera Nabucco. Narrating a famous Biblical episode, it tells the story of strive for independence. Set during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar (Nabucco), King of Babylon, the opera revolves around Nabucco's fictitious daughters, Abigaille and Fenena, who are rivals for the love of Ismaele, nephew of the King of Jerusalem.
When: 19.04, 6.30 P.M.
Where: Odesa Opera House
You can buy tickets for various cultural events at tickets.ua.
Photo source: realist.online, shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors. 

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