Arina Domski 'Opera Show' Premier in Kyiv

Arina Domski 'Opera Show' Premier in Kyiv

The show which has toured all over the world finally came to Ukraine. It took Ukrainian audience two long years to see the show. Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hong Kong and China thunder applauded to the show. Now Ukrainian audience can watch Arina’s performance and enjoy divine music. Thus, it was no surprise that despite fierce cold and snowbound roads "Bel'etage" concert hall was fully packed.

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Arina Domski is the only Ukrainian classical crossover singer. She is Soprano singer with conservatoire education and original stage image. Arina performs and composes music in several languages, her repertoire consists of the songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Chinese.
“Opera Show” by Arina Domski is a crossroad of different epochs and traditions. Based on the classical base, Arina creates fusion of time and mood by combining different epochs and musical styles.
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“Opera Show” is the concert program which introduces pieces of art starting with Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending by modern academic music. One of the main peculiarities of the show is original modern sounding.
Each song is a short theatrical story with participation of the dancers and musicians. Vivid, original stage images capture the audience. The story on the stage is far from traditions and conformity.
Arina started the concert with Carl Orff's "Carmina Burano" astonishing the audience with her strong vocal and extraordinary stage image. During the whole show Arina Domski was constantly surprising the public with original music material as well as with non-standard directing of the songs by appearing on the top of a huge 3-meter high construction or inside a huge harp. The whole performance was accompanied by artistic light setting, video installations and theatrical staging.
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The viewers went through different epochs and felt themselves as participants of the concert. Costume show, modern choreography, unbelievable head dressing, video installations, dancers, musicians, choir and the most important – Arina's strong vocal and stunning music captured the public from the very beginning.
During the concert the singer changed numerous costumes appearing in front of the public in different images and lyrical songs came to change the dynamic ones. One of such lyrical songs ware devoted for her closest person – her mother.
For the Ukrainian viewers Arina presented a special surprise – she sang the famous "Shchedryk" song created by her well-known compatriot Mykola Leontovych.
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Apart from this, the audience could also have a look behind the scene of Arina's Asian tour and eyewitness the show scale as well as Arina's popularity with Asian public.
After the show the audience met Arina with loud applauses and showered her with flowers, filling the cold winter night with warmth of the hearts and scent of the flowers.
Photos provided by Arina Domski PR agency

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