Best December 2017 Concerts in Kyiv

Best December 2017 Concerts in Kyiv

Our favorite winter holidays are on the way, and the spirit of celebration and fun is already in the air.  Undoubtedly, showy weeks of December are the right time for partying, dancing and listening to energizing music to keep the holiday mood. Check out the best December 2017 concerts in Kyiv, where you will enjoy the most exciting music vibes.

Yasmine Hamdan

Yasmine Hamdan, a well-known Lebanese singer with magic and passionate voice, is coming back to Kyiv! Many of us saw gorgeous Yasmine in the Moroccan bar episode of Jim Jarmusch`s remarkable movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” and heard her magnificent vocal in sensual and desperate love song called “Hal”. This time, Yasmine Hamdan will present her new studio album “Al Jamilat” (“The Beautiful Ones”) to Kyiv audience. Yasmine is a perfect example of the statement that art has no limits: though we do not understand any word in her songs, we can surely feel the piercing energy of singer`s soul expressed by her voice and beautiful melodies.
Where: 11, Shota Rustaveli street, Sentrum club
When: December 1, 20:00
Price: UAH 670-1200
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Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra has been successfully touring through many countries of Europe such as Germany, Romania, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria, promoting music culture of Wien on European and international level. The Orchestra`s repertoire mostly consists of masterpieces written by Haydn, Brahms, Mozart, representatives of Strauss dynasty and other classics. András Deák, the director and one of the founders of Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra, is a famous maestro with successful music career. In the beginning of December, Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra is going to have their second short tour throughout Ukraine. The concert in Ukrainian capital is scheduled for December, 5.
Where: October Palace, 1, Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley
When: December 5, 19:00
Price: UAH 350-1800
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Myron Walden Quartet

All jazz lovers are welcome to the performance of well-known saxophonist Myron Walden and his quartet. Myron Walden started his professional music career in 1995 playing with the big band of Roy Hargrove in Jazz Gallery. Then he performed in Smalls together with such well-known artists as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eddie Henderson, Kevin Hays, Stephen Scott, Gregory Hutchinson and Eric Harland. Myron Walden is also famous for his signature compositions and albums recorded with Apex Trio. On Kyiv concert, you will hear elegant jazz melodies performed by Myron Walden (saxophone), Benito Gonzalez (keyboards), Ark Ovrutski (bass-viol) and Charles Goold (drums).
Where: 11, Shota Rustaveli street, Sentrum club
When: December 5, 20:00
Price: UAH 400-800
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YALL is an audiovisual trio from Barcelona. Thanks to well-known hit “Hundred Miles”, originally recorded for Desigual advertizing campaign, Spanish DJ project has become a sensation in the world of electronic music in very short terms. YALL are the authors of hits “Play on repeat” and “Together”, and headliners of the famous festivals such as “Tomorrowland”, “Ultra music festival” and other. YALL play tropical house, accompanied by unique video effects. This December, YALL will play for Ukrainian audience in Kyiv, presenting favorite hits and new songs from the upcoming album.
Where: 37-41, Sichovykh Strilciv street, ATLAS club
When: December 8, 23:00
Price: UAH 250-1200
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Glenn Miller Orchestra

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra directed by Wil Salden comes to Ukraine every two years to fill our souls with the amazing sound of classical jazz. The repertoire includes compositions of eminent jazz composers from legendary big bands of 30-50s of the previous century. Wil Salden is a famous Netherlandish musician, who gathered a team of great professionals from different countries who love jazz music as much as he does. This time, Glenn Miller Orchestra will perform two concerts in Kyiv during one day: in daytime and in evening.
Where: October Palace, 1, Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley
When: December 17, 15:00 and 19:00
Price: UAH 180-1000
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Tarja Turunen

Finnish rock diva Tarja Turunen became famous as a vocalist of sympho-metal band Nightwish, and nowadays she has a successful solo career. This December, Tarja is coming to Kyiv with her new program that includes many well-known rock hits as well as fresh compositions. The singer, who has powerful opera voice, will perform together with chorus and symphonic orchestra, so the show will be truly impressive and unforgettable. This concert will be dedicated to the magic of Christmas, so Tarja Turunen will sing many classic and modern Christmas hymns.
Where: October Palace, 1, Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley
When: December 21, 19:00
Price: UAH 850-2550
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Feel the right mood for the upcoming holidays, visiting the best December 2017 concerts in Kyiv.
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