Best Horses Show and Exhibition in Kievan Rus Park

Best Horses Show and Exhibition in Kievan Rus Park

The popular place of folk holidays and performances, Kievan Rus park will hold the World of Horses show-exhibition on a chilly February weekend. Unlike the other events typical for the place, the main characters won't be humans, but their loyal companions — horses from the Princely Stable of Ancient Kyiv.

On the weekend of February 3-4, guests of historical park Kievan Rus will be able to witness a truly unusual event — parade of horses from a unique collection of historical breeds from the Princely Stable. Some of them are truly unique in the literal sense of the word, being the only representative in the whole country.
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Guests will learn various facts from the historical background: what was the favorite breed of Alexander the Great and Darius I, what horses conquistadors used to conquer the New World, and which ones are in royal service — carriage of the Queen of England. Saddled or harnessed horses will gladly give a ride to adults and children, whether on horseback or in a crew. Naturally, kind and smart animals are allowed to be caressed and taken pictures with. Later the same horses will perform various tricks along with their human companions.
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Finally, visitors of Kievan Rus will be able to roam the streets of the restored city, view the exhibition of historical costume and armor, medieval shipbuilding and wooden architecture. Local masters will hold workshops for making an intricate souvenir — handmade coin, as well as archery lessons. Kids are going to be entertained by the Kievan Rus team, engaged in fun games on the park's playground. Two inns on the territory of the park will welcome guests to take a sip of the hot drinks made on the ancient recipes, as well as try traditional cuisine. And for those who want to stay the night, 4 Rooms hotel located in mere 5 minutes away will open its doors.
Photo source: Парк Київська Русь Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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