Colored Pancakes Festival in Kyiv

Colored Pancakes Festival in Kyiv

The great holiday of Masliana, or Shrovetide, is around the corner! On this occasion, Kyiv dwellers prepared a bunch of traditional celebrations with rites and, of course, delicious quirk of the holiday — pancakes. Have you ever had rainbow pancakes? It's a perfect occasion to try.

This week Ukraine celebrates Masliana, or Shrovetide. Originally it was a pagan holiday, associated with the Slavic god of Sun Yarylo. The celebration was tied to the spring equinox, which for many pagans symbolized beginning of the new year. However, after the adoption of Christianity, the holiday acquired a new meaning. Masliana is also considered a farewell to winter and meeting of the early spring. In 2018, traditional folk celebration of Masliana will be held on February 17—18 on Spivoche Pole, located on the territory of Pechersk Landscape Park.
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All guests are welcomed to witness the main rite of the holiday — burning a straw woman, which symbolizes the end of winter's reign. Another spectacular entertainment for the occasion is a knightly tournament, which will be held on February 17. The celebration will give an opportunity to try 'rainbow' pancakes — different colored pancakes of visitor's choice, made on spot.
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Organizers of the event made sure live music would be traditionally provided by folk bands, to revive a historical tradition, as well as modern Ukrainian singers to bring in the modernity. Children will find plenty of entertainment spots: hills for tubing, a small zoo with animals to pet and play with, as well as handmade alley to look for the interesting folk creations. Traditional souvenirs will be sold at the folk fair.
The entrance fee on February 17 is UAH 50, on February 18 — UAH 70.
Address: 25, Lavrska street
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