Events on May Holidays 2018 in Ukraine

Events on May Holidays 2018 in Ukraine

After the lingering cold winter, the heat and feeling the rays of sunshine on your skin feel like a real blessing. It is especially true for Ukraine, where snow wasn’t about to leave until well into spring. Luckily, May, known as the month of holidays is nearing to bring perfect opportunities to catch up on fascinating events and festivals in the country. Let’s check out what to do and see during May holidays 2018 in Ukraine.

To start with, let’s look at the holiday calendar for this month. According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, May 1, 9 and 27 are official days off in May 2018. Pentecost is celebrated on Sunday 27th, the following day, Monday 28th is a holiday as well. Note that Saturday 5th is an official working day. The schedule can change from company to company, so make sure to check with your office manager before booking any tickets. Now, let’s see what entertainment is available for the best time during May holidays 2018.
Sakura blooming in Uzhhorod
A great way to start spring holidays in 2018 is to visit Uzhhorod, a popular location of sakura blooming in Ukraine. Many locals, as well as tourists, patiently await the marvelous sight, which is now officially called Sakura Fest. This year the event will take place from April 23 until May 2, when the blooming is most intense. The richest spots to visit are a bank of Uzh River, Pushkin square, as well as Pravoslavna and Kyiv embankment. The breathtaking sight attracts photographers from all over the country. Apart from sakura, late April is also a blooming season for magnolias, Chinese apple tree, and Japanese flowering quince.
Tulips Festival in Kyiv
To continue with the wonders of nature, dwellers, and guests of the capital will have an opportunity to marvel at hundreds of tulips that will cover slopes of Spivoche Pole, an entertainment corner of the Pechersk Botanical Garden in Kyiv. Carefully selected by the local specialists, the flowers will astonish with all imaginable shapes and forms, as well as delicious aroma. The exhibition called Tulip Odyssey starts on April 20 and will continue well into the middle of May, serving as a perfect call to get outside and spend some time alone with nature.
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Blooming in the valley of daffodils
One more ‘flower’ event of May 2018 is blooming in the Valley of daffodils — a unique part of the nature reserve near Hust that belongs to UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. In the period of the Austria-Hungary reign, this territory was carefully preserved: only local medics used abundant healing herbs to cure the sick. One of the best places to visit during May holidays in Ukraine welcomes those who want to witness miles and miles of blooming whiteness. According to estimates, the first flowers are to appear at the beginning of May, and the most intense blooming is expected towards the end of the month, making Hust a perfect location for the stretched schedule. Moreover, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve has more than a hundred species of birds, so the valley is filled not only with sweet aroma but delicate songs of local birds.
Hust funfair
Those who decide to visit the Valley of Daffodils can combine exploration of nature with submerging in the local culture. Right at the beginning of May holidays 2018, Hust hosts a huge funfair, dedicated to the Day of the City. From May 1 to May 15, guests of this tiny city in Zakarpattia will have a chance to witness local craftsmanship, buy handmade souvenirs like traditional Ukrainian shirts vyshyvanka, or take a bite of delicious local cheese. Organizers of the funfair promise an intense entertainment program, filled with live music concerts, workshops, and contests for adults and kids.
Hot air balloons festival in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi
One of the most popular spring attractions in Ukraine is the aerostat festival in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi. From May 6 to May 9, this city in mere 100 kilometers from Kyiv will be filled with those willing to experience floating in the hot air balloons firsthand, as well as those who want to stay on the ground and simply enjoy the view. Besides, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi is often referred to as the City of Museums, counting more than 20 venues with different exhibitions. The most well known one, Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, shows livelihood of rural Ukrainian people in authentic buildings, located in the picturesque area.
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Ethno Doll festival in Lviv
A traditional yearly event in Lviv, ETHNO’лялька (Ethno Doll) festival will take place during the May holidays in Ukraine. Traditionally hosted in the Lviv Art Palace, the event lures in craftsmen and those interested in Ukrainian culture. Each year masters of puppets present new techniques of doll making to astonish the public. From April 24 to May 6, guests will have a chance to see how a traditional Ukrainian doll, motanka, looks like and discover the secrets of its making.
Lviv City Day
Without a doubt, Lviv is one of the most popular places to visit in Ukraine in any season, and it is especially true during spring holidays. The reason is Lviv City Day, celebrated yearly on the first Saturday of the month. This year, the holiday will take place on May 5. Day of the City is an incredibly special holiday for Lviv when everyone from kids to elderly people is engaged in festive celebrations. Usually, the festiveness takes up at least several days, which gives a chance to enjoy a little bit of everything: from music concerts featuring popular Ukrainian musicians to funfairs with street food vendors and huge fireworks. The program of this year’s holiday will be released soon.
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BØRNS concert in Kyiv
Finally, a nice way to settle the end of the May holidays is to attend the concert of the popular contemporary electronic musician BØRNS. His biggest hits like American Money topped the charts since 2015, and on May 29 the American singer will present his new Album Blue Madonna to Ukrainian listeners. The charming vibes at the Atlas Club will give more strength to go on with the daily life after the holidays are over.
Truly there are hundreds of places in Ukraine worth visiting, and May holidays 2018 are a perfect time to explore some of them.
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