February 2018 Cultural Events in Kyiv

February 2018 Cultural Events in Kyiv

Winter is high time to visit the cultural events some may have postponed. This month is soaked with the atmosphere of St. Valentine's Day, that's why concert programs are filled with jazz music and love themes. Let's check out what's on in Kyiv.

Swan Lake
One of the most beloved ballets, Swan Lake, is the classic love story between Prince Siegfried and the Swan Princess Odette divided by the villainous sorcerer Rothbart in a story where true love conquers all. That four-act masterpiece was in fact the first ballet by Petro Tchaikovsky. It is curious that the first showing was a total flop, which was criticized in the press. However, Swan Lake is far from being forgotten – almost 200 years later, its is a classical ballet included in repertoires of the most renown operas and theaters of the world.
When: February 1, 7 P.M.
Ticket price: UAH 20 – 800
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The Spanish heat and gypsy passion are brought to the stage in Kyiv National Opera House in a vivid production of Bizet's masterpiece. While many are used to Carmen being an opera, the Carmen Suite is a ballet which delivers just as much. The plot stays the same: Carmen's allure proves spellbinding as she seduces a hapless corporal and then a dashing bullfighter. The plot concentrates heavily on the love plotline, which is fulfilled skillfully in a dance of two.
When: February 7, 7 P.M.
Ticket Price: UAH 20 – 400
Jazz Love Songs

On a special occasion that is St. Valentine’s Day, Svitlo Concert invites guests to witness the brand new program of jazz love songs. Congress and exhibition hall Park will host everyone who wants to celebrate their Valentine's Day with live music. Dmyto Aleksandrov, Pavlo Halitskii, Dmytro Teimuzarov and Yuri Salukhi will deliver with the sultry and passionate improvisations. Moreover, one of the best orchestras of the country, Virtuosas of Kyiv, will perform as well.
When: February 14, 8 P.M.
Ticket price: UAH 200 – 850
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National Philharmonic Winter Jazz Fest

This year the National Philharmonic of Ukraine there will host the 18th annual all-Ukrainian jazz festival dedicated to the memory of Eugene Derhunov. The festival called "Winter Jazz Meetings" was created by the School of Jazz and Pop Art, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Evheniia Derhunova, who can be easily named one of the founders of Ukrainian jazz, is the key figure of this event. Various bands from Ukrainian cities will fill the evening with wondrous music.
When: February 17, 7 P.M.
Ticket price: UAH 70 – 250
Mozart L'Opera Rock Le Concert

The famous French rock opera returns to Kyiv once again. Mozart L'Opera is a fusion of classical music and symphony-rock. All songs are performed by a live orchestra and choir, as well as seven star soloists. Each composition is a separate story, one of the decisive episodes of the life of the great composer. Long before Hamilton, this rock opera has conquered hearts of live theater fans.
When: February 17&18, 7 P.M.
Ticket price: UAH 450 – 1750
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The unusual choice among the other snowings in Kyiv National Opera House, this opera is based on the first part of the well-known masterpiece by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Philosophical questions here are almost nudged by the main story of Margarete's and Faust's love, which served as the main inspiration of the opera's author Charles Gounod. Mephistopheles, the beloved character of many, acts as a unifying core of the whole plot: he is a self-sufficient character, as well as a commentator, whose lines are full of sass.
When: February 23, 7 P.M.
Ticket Price: UAH 20 – 400
You can purchase tickets at tickets.ua.
Photo source: Kyiv National Opera House web-site, Mozart L'Opera Facebook page, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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