Top 10 Fall 2018 Festivals in Ukraine

Old ferris wheel in autumn

Fall in Ukraine is the time to reap harvest, and this year we seem to have a large harvest of festivals for any taste. Wine, cheese, beer, jazz, retro cars, city days celebrations… Just pick what you like and have fun!

Kartuli Fest of Georgian Cuisine and Wine in Kyiv

Georgian khinkaliGeorgia is famous for its delicious dishes and wine. Everyone who loves traditional Georgian cuisine or wants to try it is welcome to join Kartuli Fest, where the best restaurateurs of Georgia and Ukraine will present delicious culinary wonders accompanied by Kartuli Vazi wines. Apart from fine dining, guests will take part in thematic workshops on cooking national Georgian food, listen and dance to energizing Georgian music performed by well-known Mgzavrebi band and get exclusive gifts and prizes from event organizers and partners.

When: September 15-16, 2018
Where: Spivoche Pole, Kyiv

OldCarLand Fest in Kyiv

Old CarHundreds of exclusive rare cars produced in different years will get together at OldCarLand – the largest Ukrainian technical festival. Here you will see passenger cars, trucks, buses, moto and bike vehicles. The age of some cars on the festival is more than 80 years. Many of them are only one of a kind left. The visitors will also see cars that belonged to famous personalities. The program of the event includes rare cars rally with prizes for winners.

When: September 28–30, 2018
Where: National Expocenter of Ukraine, Kyiv

Comic Con Ukraine in Kyiv

ComicCon in BrazilComic Con festival traditionally unites fans of modern animation, cinema, games and literature. The program of the fest offers something interesting for everyone: dances, cosplay show, lectures, play areas, fair and meetings with star guests. The visitors will enjoy performances of thematic Ukrainian bands, wrestling contest and food courts with all sorts of delicacies. Fans of board games will have a chance to discuss their passion and to buy the newly-designed products, while those who love role-playing games will spend time in a real fantasy city, taking part in exciting quests.

When: September 22-23, 2018
Where: Platforma Art Zavod, Kyiv

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Kyiv Beer Festival

Glass of beerThe third beer festival in Kyiv will present more than 100 kinds of foamy drink made by 60 brewers from all corners of Ukraine. Here you will try light, dark and wheat beer, IPA, stout and many other. Specialists on food courts will tell you all secrets of proper food pairing. You will learn which cheese or cake fits the best to a particular kind of beer. Apart from delicious food and drinks, guests will enjoy music, stand-up show, workshops, lectures, intellectual games and sports activities.

When: September 15-16, 2018
Where: Platforma Art Zavod, Kyiv

Lviv Coffee Festival

Coffee and heart made of coffee beansEverybody knows that Lviv is the city of perfect coffee. In Lviv, this fragrant drink is prepared according to the old secret recipes. For 11 years already, coffee fans from Lviv and other cities have been gathering at the largest coffee-related event – Lviv Coffee Festival. This fest attracts thousands of guests every year in the end of September. Here you will not just taste delicious coffee and desserts, but will also learn the history of coffee, see the most modern coffee-making equipment, get to know about the newest methods of preparing this drink, and many other.

When: September 13–16, 2018
Where: Svobody avenue, Muzeyna square, Lviv

Cheese and Wine Fest in Lviv

Cheese and wine
In the middle of October, the great gastronomic event will take place in Lviv in the yard of the beautiful Potocki palace. We are talking about annual Cheese & Wine festival – the event where guests are welcome to try and to purchase the best wines, cheeses, organic products and many other. Syrnik Day, held in the frame of Cheese & Wine festival, will become a great chance to taste the most delicious traditional Lviv dessert. The guests will also get new impressions at special art space, take part in interesting contests and workshops.

When: October 19–21, 2018
Where: Palace of Arts and Potocki Palace yard, Lviv

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City Day 2018 in Odesa

Odesa aerial viewOn September 2, Odesa city will celebrate its 224th birthday. The festive events dedicated to the great occasion will be held in the city center for 4 days from August 30 till September 2. The program includes many interesting happenings in the different parts of Odesa. City dwellers and guests will enjoy music concerts, art exhibitions, street theatre performances and other activities. The gala concert on Potemkin stairs on September 2 at 7 PM will become an apotheosis of the celebration. It will include performances of Valentyn Kuba, Nastya Kamenskykh, Max Barskikh and Boombox band. After the concert, everyone will see amazing fireworks show.

When: August 30 – September 2, 2018
Where: Odesa, various locations

Odesa JazzFest

Man playing trumpetOdesa is famous as a true “jazz city” and this year`s OdesaJazzFest is going to confirm it once again. The festival will last 3 days: the first day will delight guests with an open-air free concert in the City Garden, while concerts of other two days will take place in the Philharmonic Hall. On the first day, the listeners will enjoy performances of Claire Parsons Duo (Luxembourgг – Israel), Ukrainian jazzman Denis Kinchev, Czech drummer Pavel Fajt, Subbotin Band and Ukrainian-Spanish project #LT100 jazz band.

On the second day, guests of the event will hear Lithuanian Trombone Project, Greek project Palette Ensemble and South Korean electro funk band KimYongWoo & HG FunkTronic. The program of the third day includes performances of Austrian Kusimanten, German Contrast Trio, Ukrainian trio of Alexey Petukhov. All concerts will traditionally end up as energizing jam sessions in I Love You Petrovych Bar featuring fest headliners.

When: September 21-23
Where: Odesa Philharmonic Hall

Vinnytsia JazzFest

Man playing trumpet on the white background
The ХХII international VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST–2018 will start on September 21 with the world-famous musical “Sugar, or Some Like It Hot”. On September 22, guests of the event will enjoy performances of Kusimanten trio from Austria, Claire Parsons Duo (Luxembourgг – Israel) and will dive into the world of Polish jazz presented by exclusive project “Polish Independence Jazz Night”. On September 23, the listeners will be delighted by performances of Lithuanian Trombones and Loreta Sungailienė, South Korean project HG FunkTronic and immortal hits of Frank Sinatra played by Ukrainian band Frankyjazz. By the way, on September 20 everyone interested is welcome to attend VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST–2018 pre-party in Моnt Blanc concert hall featuring the famous Czech drummer Pavel Fajt.

When: September 21–23, 2018
Where: Concert hall on 15, Teatralna street

Uzhgorod City Day 2018

Uzhhorod city
This year, one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine – Uzhgorod – celebrates its 1125th anniversary. All dwellers and guests of the city are going to have as much fun as possible taking part in town`s meeting and poetry contest, enjoying art improvisations and movie screenings. The large concert, headed by the well-known singer Dan Balan, will become the peak point of the celebration.

When: September 14–16, 2018
Where: Uzhgorod city, various locations

This fall`s festivals in Ukraine are going to bring us much fun and bright impressions. Enjoy!

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