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While major cities in Ukraine have started to prepare for numerous Halloween events already, spending Halloween at home is a just as good option. We gathered the latest Halloween costume and decoration trends, recipes for food and drinks, as well as entertainment for the home party.


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Halloween 2018 is the time to dust off the Michael Myers costume. Thanks to the upcoming sequel of 1978 movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the iconic look with the creepy face mask is back in the game. Here's our guide to Halloween costume shops in Ukraine, where you can find the suitable mask.

Freddy Krueger is another classic Halloween character that can be pulled off by any gender - all you need is a red-and-black striped shirt, brown fedora and some metal blade gloves for it to be recognizable. In case you want to go all the way, check out makeup tutorials on YouTube.

While 1970s trends return into high fashion and mass-market brands, the iconic looks are also popular as a Halloween costume in 2018. The spark of interest to shiny flares and high platform boots is owed to the sequel of Mamma Mia movie, which tells about the youth of Meryl Streep's character peppered with songs by ABBA. The movie's memorable moments also include an iconic entrance by Cher, which can serve as another Halloween costume inspiration.

The couple costume of this year can easily be pulled off with nostalgic looks - think of Agents Scully and Mulder from the X-Files, Princess Lea and Han Solo from the Star Wars universe, or even Axl and Slash from Guns'n'Roses. In case you want to follow the latest pop culture trends, take a look at Beyonce & Jay-Z in their new "Apeshit" video - the pastel costumes are the true power-suits for a couple.


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Contrary to the popular belief, a house or apartment doesn't need a full makeover to look great on Halloween. If you want to keep it lowkey, pepper your living space with dark candles to create a mysterious vibe. Another decor item that will give stylish and creepy vibe is a set of skull glasses.

The glasses look especially good filled with dark vine - or even simply standing on the shelves. Light bulbs and neon Halloween decorations are another popular trend in 2018. The classic spooky ghost lamp can lighten up the hall or a kid's room. One more thing that kids will definitely enjoy is a creepy shower gel from Lush that reminds of a witch's potion.

Finally, the unbeatable Halloween decor is a carved pumpkin. The jack-o-lanterns can be medium-sized or really tiny depending on your living area. Besides, you can buy numerous pumpkins to place in many spots around the house.


Pumpkin pieHalloween food is incredibly diverse - from cupcakes and sweets to the full-blown feast, there are numerous recipes to treat a couple of friends or a whole family. One of the cutest 2018 Halloween recipes are spider cupcakes. The chocolate treat with licorice legs and candy fangs is a huge hit among the hits.

Apart from the dessert, Sloppy Joes is another dish that will fit the Halloween feast. The basic recipe can be tackled by rookies in the kitchen - all you need is ground beef, onion, green pepper and some delicious buns.

Finally, all the failed carved pumpkins can serve in a good way - the creamy pumpkin pie is an autumn classic that is quite easily prepared. You can decorate the top with whipped cream or leave it mono-flavored.

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Spooky ghost coffeeWhen it comes to drinks, even the seemingly ordinary punch can do well on Halloween. All you need it to spice it up with ginger ale, pineapple juice, lime gelatin and orange sherbet for that witchy brew look.

Butter beer that originated from the Harry Potter universe is another drink whipped when the autumn settles. The drink can be both alcoholic as its classical variation and alcohol-free suitable for kids.

The pumpkin spice hot chocolate is the epitome of autumn coziness - and also a nice Halloween drink for kids or a small company. Rich and creamy, it can go well with any dessert.


Man with a pumpkin Halloween costume holding a pizza sliceIn case you don't plan going out to a club or bar, the Halloween party definitely needs some planned entertainment. The classic for all ages is a horror movie marathon. This year, the popular streaming service Netflix prepared a special horror edition of their upcoming movies and series called Netflix and Chills. You can choose between three new original films and two new series - or opt for the all-time classics like Halloween with Michael Myers.

In case your party members are the fan of spooky movies, prepare a horror movie trivia in between the movies. The winners can earn points and get different prizes depending on their knowledge of horrors. Scavenger hunt is a nice option for those who live in houses or large apartments. So is staging your own zombie apocalypse - with closed doors, get-out-of-the-room riddles and, of course, the Walking Dead OST.

A carving contest is a nice bonding activity even if you haven't tried your hands at it before. There are numerous tutorials on carving available on the net. Moreover, the jack-o-lantern doesn't necessarily have to be a work of art - minimalistic designs are just as cute. Finally, telling ghost stories, whether overheard or personal, are the unbeatable Halloween classic. After all, there's no better time for it like the night of October 31.

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