New Year 2019 Preparation in Kyiv: Christmas Trees and Fairs

Christmas light

In 2018-2019, dwellers and guests of the capital will have at least three festive locations with decorated Christmas trees, street food vendors, merry-go-rounds and much more.

In 2018-2019 holiday season, Kyiv will shine with numerous lights on the two locations in downtown - Sofiiska and Kontraktova Squares. The two spacious squares will host Christmas markets with numerous food stalls, entertainment for kids and, of course, Christmas trees.

The winter holidays celebration will traditionally start on December 19, Saint Nicholas Day. On this day, the Christmas trees will be lit up with illumination at 5 P.M. on Kontraktova and 7 P.M. on Sofiiska Square. As for the Christmas markets, the fun fairs will start working on December 15. The festive celebrations and fairs will last well into January - until January 13 on Sofiiska Square and until January 20 on Kontraktova.

Sofiiska Square

Christmas tree on Sofiiska SquareAs usual, the main Christmas tree of the country will be installed on Sofiiska Square near the Sofia Bell Tower. This year, the tree will be a bit shorter than in 2017 and will be decorated with about a thousand toys. Apart from the toys and decorations, the Christmas Tree will be a part of a light installation, aimed to remind of the Northern Lights. A large stage will also be placed on Sofiiska Square to host 15 festive concerts. The Christmas fair with numerous stalls and vendors will traditionally surround the tree.

In 2018-2019, dwellers and guests of Kyiv can expect more than 30 food stalls and 16 houses selling trinkets, Christmas decor, mulled wine and much more. Volodymyrskyi Passage that leads from Saint Sophia's Cathedral to Saint Michael's Monastery will be decorated with festive illuminations to create a holiday mood. Besides, food stalls will appear there as well. Kids will have a chance to ride a real Polar Express. The station will be set up around the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi monument so that kids can make a wish each time they complete a circle.

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Kontraktova Square

Christmas decor on Kontraktova SquareIn 2018-2019, Kontraktova Square will become a Christmas art spot. The 22-meter Christmas tree will be decorated with colorful toys inMaria Prymachenko style. The beasts and intriguing creatures from the paintings by Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko will appear on different spots of Podil as well. Thus, the large installations will be set up on Petra Sahaidachnoho street and in numerous photo zones. The park square will become a residence of Saint Nicholas.

Expocenter of Ukraine

Mom and kid ice skatingApart from downtown, Expocenter of Ukraine will traditionally become another Christmas celebration point in Kyiv. Starting December 9, the large entrainment park will begin working on the premises of Expocenter of Ukraine. This winter season kids and adults will traditionally have a chance to go ice skating on the big rink, slide down the hills in tubes, participate in quests, enjoy the Christmas fair with presents and, of course, meet the Ukrainian Santa, Did Moroz, in his residency.

Besides, the Expocenter will also host an exhibition of ice figures. The winter entertainment park will work from December 9 to February 18. Admission is free in general and starts from UAH 20 in some locations. More details will be posted on the Expocenter of Ukraine Facebook page and website.

Sources: Folk Ukraine, Expocenter of Ukraine Facebook pages,
Photo sources: Folk Ukraine, Expocenter of Ukraine Facebook pages. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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