1-2 December in Kyiv: Weekend Ideas

group of friends in winter outdoors

The winter starts this weekend, traditionally bringing festive period of holiday celebration and joy. How to begin winter season in a most entertaining way? We will tell you where to have fun in Kyiv on the first days of December.

Vsi. Svoyi New Year Market

child holding pack of new year toys
This weekend, Vsi. Svoyi platform invites to the festive New Year market where guests will be able to find everything needed for the holidays. Here you will see items from more than 100 Ukrainian brands of décor, textiles, furniture and light fixtures. The large market will embrace 3 floors. On the first basement floor, guests will find wide variety of hand-made crockery. The second basement floor will present diversity of plaids, décor elements, textile items and candles. If you are looking for Christmas trees, Christmas toys, gift boxes and so on, you will have to search for them on the third basement floor.
The New Year market will be united with Ceramics market, offering ceramic and porcelain items from 45 Ukrainian brands. The assortment will include thematic festive crockery and décor. Besides, guests will have a chance to take part in pottery workshops. After shopping, everyone is welcome to proceed to the terrace decorated with colorful garlands and to have some snacks and hot mulled wine.
Where: 12, Desyatynna street
When: December 1-2, 10 AM–8 PM
Admission: free

International Cat Show

two kittens
On International Cat Show, cat owners will have wide opportunities. They will learn new interesting information about taking care of their pets, take part in a contest and win valuable prizes. Those who still do not have a cat will surely be interested in seeing more than 100 representatives of diverse cat breeds, including rare breeds such as Savannah, Chausie and Caracal. If you want to buy a kitten, you will have a possibility not just to choose one, but also to purchase all the needed accessories and food for your new friend. For guests with kids, the exhibition organizers provide special play area with workshops, trampoline, slides and other activities.
Where: International Exhibition Center
When: December 1-2
Tickets: TNA

Zodiac Music under the Stars

globe with zodiac signs
On the first winter Sunday, ArtSpace project presents new full dome music show “Zodiac Music under the Starts”. All of us are united by one thing – we were all born under the starry sky, and everyone belongs to a special Zodiac sign. The upcoming show will reflect the character and temper of all twelve signs through the language of music performed by the talented Ukrainian artist Olexiy Revenko. Apart from music compositions, the guests will enjoy thematic full dome show and poetry.
Where: Kyiv Planetarium
When: December 2, 7.30 PM

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“Yuvelir Expo Ukraine” Jewelry Exhibition

woman wearing jewelry
If you are looking for the best gifts for New Year and Christmas, this might be your chance. “Yuvelir Expo Ukraine” will present wide choice of rings, earrings, bracelets and other accessories from the leading companies as well as young designers. The gold of Ukraine and the best collections by the foreign brands will be offered at factory prices. Besides, the guests will enjoy entertainment program, seminars and drawing of lottery with possibility to win elegant jewelry.
Where: International Exhibition Center
When: November 29–December 2
Tickets: TNA

“Winter Knocks on Door” Show Program

people on sledge ridden by horse
“Kyiv Rus park”, located not far to Ukrainian capital, welcomes kids and grown-ups to join ancient Slavic entertainment activities. The “dwellers” of reconstructed old Kyiv will introduce guests to the architectural traditions of the Х-XIII centuries. Each guest will have a chance to try on knight`s or prince`s clothes, to try hand in medieval shooting gallery and to ride horses. The entertainment program also includes theatre performance, horse riding archers contest, tug-of-war, running “serpentine”, old rituals, dance flash mobs and, of course, food courts with tasty food and hot drinks.
Where: Kyiv Rus park, Kopachev village
When: December 1-2

“Buddha. The One Who Went through Samsara Worlds” Exhibition

Buddha statue
This exhibition presents many Thangka icons, sculptures and other Buddhism-related items from the funds of Khanenko Museum, Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, and private collections. The exhibited items tell the story of the unusual life path of Gautama Buddha – the founder of one of the most popular world`s religions.
When: November 8–December 16, 10:30 AM–17:30 PM
Where: Khanenko Museum
Admission: free
As you see, this weekend in Kyiv offers interesting events for any taste, so your first winter days are guaranteed to be exciting.
Photo source: unsplash.com, depositphotos.com, websites of events and locations mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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