26 Years of IWCK Charity Bazaar in Kyiv

IWCK Charity Bazaar in Kyiv

The IWCK Charity Bazaar, one of the most anticipated charity events of the year, is coming soon. For 26 years, the international community has joined forces every December at the IWCK Charity Bazaar in order to raise funds for charity organizations in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

In 2017, nearly 9,000 people attended the Bazaar and helped to raise a record-breaking sum - UAH 3,739,009. These funds were used to support 20 projects and 5 special initiatives aimed to help women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

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The Charity Bazaar is also the great chance to experience cultures and cuisines from around the globe. Every year various countries proudly showcase their handmade crafts, souvenirs, national cuisine, beverages, music and folklore. It is the only event in Kyiv where you can try Indonesian food, drink Czech beer and make a Christmas wish to Santa Claus at the same time and in one place. The traditional setup of the Charity Bazaar will include:

  • More than 40 embassies, each with their own booth selling national products, including food and beverages. This year 44 embassies confirmed participation;
  • Cultural program, featuring national music, dances, and workshops, representing various countries and continents;
  • Reselling donations collected throughout the year at IWCK booths, the Boutique (clothes, shoes, bags) and White
  • Elephant discount shop (home appliances, books, CDs etc). Items for sale are new or previously used, but are in good condition;
  • The Kid’s Corner, which gives youngsters a chance to take part in various craft workshops and traditional games;
  • Delicious pastries and cakes at the Busy Bees booth;
  • The Handicraft booth for those who appreciate creativity and unique goods;
  • Grand Raffle / Tombola lottery, where visitors can try their luck in winning valuable prizes such as airline tickets, gift certificates for restaurants and hotels, gifts from the embassies etc.

"It is nice to see how our event has been growing and how it brings people together. We, at IWCK, start preparations after we return from summer holidays, the whole Bazaar recruits about 2000 volunteers. Among them are diplomatic spouses, spouses from the international business community, high school and university students. These are active and creative people who like to be key players in the society. Perhaps this is the reason why our event is so magical.

People enjoy it very much and want to share it with others. At this day, Kyivans can meet and talk to foreigners from all over the world, take selfies with ambassadors and share the holiday spirit. Every year we are trying to invent something new for our visitors. This December we will not only raise money for charity and introduce different cultures, but also try to go more "eco", select trash, reduce plastic and disposable plates. As we say, Christmas in Kyiv starts at IWCK Charity Bazaar, so come and spend this day with us!" - says Valerie Stulíková, President of IWCK.

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Soňa Zemanová, Co-Head of Fundraising shares her story with IWCK Charity Bazaar: "When I moved to Kyiv at the end of February 2016, at that time with my 7-months-old daughter, I had no idea how lively and busy my new life will be. My expectations were, let’s say, pretty low – „desperate housewife“ on a „boring“ maternity leave, where my biggest concern would be home-cooked healthy food and clean household. Such a mistake! Do not get me wrong, it is still very important for me to serve tasty meals to my family preferably in a clean apartment. But soon I discovered there is much more I can offer.

My story with IWCK Charity Bazaar started in 2016 in the Kids’ Corner. It is still in my fresh memory, me standing on the balcony at the second floor, watching the official opening and the flag parade, and how impressed I was by the whole event and its unique atmosphere.
Woman with a flag on a festival in KyivFor me, IWCK Charity Bazaar represents a day when nations from all over the world, all continents, join their efforts to make this world better, a day when they forget about their disputes, conflicts and political issues. It is lovely to meet so many cultures, religions and people of all colours on three floors venue in Kyiv city centre without travelling anywhere. 

The last two years, I am among the main organisers of the event. It is a hard job, very time consuming, challenging and not easy, but I do not regret at all. Thanks to IWCK Charity Bazaar I have a feeling that my life in Kyiv makes sense and it was definitely worth of moving here. I learned a lot, I met countless of inspiring people and last but not least I make a small contribution to people in need. We never know where and how we end up, so while I am among the lucky ones living life in abundance, I am glad to help to raise funds for needy ones.
Women in traditional attire performing a danceHelp us to make Ukraine a better place and come on 8th December to NSC Olimpiyskiy. Enjoy one and only international atmosphere, buy some Christmas presents, try beverages and meals from all over the world or join one of the workshops. All money raised goes to charity!" Don’t miss the chance to travel the world with us and meet different cultures, united under one roof.

Money from sales of the regular and VIP tickets goes to charity. The VIP ticket will allow you to see the Official Opening with Ambassadors including the Flag parade and Ribbon cutting ceremony, and to enter the venue from 9 A.M. via VIP entrance.

When: December 8, 2018 (10 A.M. - 5 P.M.)
Where: NSC Olimpiyskiy (55, Velika Vasylkivska Street)
Admission: UAH 80 for adults bought in advance, UAH 100 on spot; 20 UAH for pensioners and kids 12-18 years old. Children under 12 years, ATO veterans and people with disabilities are granted a free admission. A document confirming your right to a discount is required.

Photos provided by IWCK.

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