The New Year’s Eve 2019 Dining Table Decor Ideas

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A popular Ukrainian saying states that the beginning of the year sets its whole mood. So why not meet it beautifully?


Classic New Year's Eve table decorTo get inspired for a classic New Year table look, you can rewatch Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. Gentle colors, an abundance of light and flowers will bring in the right vibe. Vintage decor pieces like old clock would make a great centerpiece for the festive table. You can decorate glasses of sparkling wine with gentle ribbons and serve them on a matching tray with a mirror reflection.


Hygge New Year's Eve table decorIn 2018, Scandinavian motifs and Hygge, a Danish concept of coziness, definitely had a major impact on the interior trends around the globe. You can finish the year with the same cozy vibe. To follow this style, you can place several centerpieces - for instance, plain jars with natural elements like spruce branches and craft rope. As for the tableware, keeping to the light palette of white, grey and crème can add the needed Scandinavian undertone.


Retro New Year's Eve table decorRetro is another trend used to be strong in 2018. The Great Gatsby-inspired weddings are still just as popular, and 1930s luxe revival style is predicted to be one of the main interior trends in 2019. In the case with Roaring Twenties, sparkles is the key. You can keep to the golden-black palette or choose a silver winter color as a base. Adding candles to get gentle light is also a nice idea.

Modern chic

Modern chic New Year's Eve table decorSparkles are popular not only in the retro but in modern chic as well. In this case, you can forget about moderation and add as many elements as seems natural, achieving an eclectic look. Mini-disco balls of different colors are the simplest decor elements for modern chic. You can also sprinkle the table with glitter and add colorful golden glasses to increase the shine.


Natural New Year's Eve table decorUsing natural materials can also serve well when it comes to New Year's Eve table. The minimalist style looks especially nice in well-lit apartments and homes. Think of Elvish vibes: spruce branches, mistletoe, light tablecloth and candles. Log candles are especially fitting - you can get a couple or more of different sizes.


Rustic New Year's Eve table decorIt might seem that natural and rustic styles are almost identical. Yet, when it comes to rustic, the idea is upcycling what you got instead of using natural materials. Every saved DIY idea on Pinterest can come in handy. In case DIY doesn't look fun, you can get a ready-made galvanized village house. Lantern, especially a rusty one, can serve as a centerpiece for the New Year table. Adding greenery will help to achieve a festive look.

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