The Giant Lanterns of China Festival 2019 in Kyiv

Chinese dragon lantern

This winter dwellers of Kyiv will have a chance to feel the vibe of Giant Lanterns of China. Spivoche Pole in Hryshko Botanical Garden will be filled with 30 festive installations.

The Giant Lanterns Festival is a large-scale event that has been around for more than 2000 years. It is held annually in more than 40 countries around the globe. In 2019, Ukraine has joined the holiday as well. On February 14, Spivoche Pole in Pechersk Hryshko Botanical Garden will become the platform for the first Eastern European Giant Lanterns Festival.

Guests will find numerous large-scale lighting installations, each symbolizing ancient folk tales or legends: Pandas and Flamingo Gardens, Cinderella's Carriage, deer forest and much more. The 40-meter dragon will be the central exhibit of the festival.

The festivity doesn't end here, though. Guests are promised bright shows in the framework of the festival of fire and light, animatronics, workshops with masters of handicraft, as well as live music. On weekends and holidays, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the traditional cultural side of the Chinese holiday.

"The history and culture of the eastern countries have always been something incredible and fascinating for us, so today we have a great opportunity to get to explore it in depth. The Giant Lanterns of China is one of the most famous and visited exhibitions in the world, held in more than 40 countries. We are delighted with the fact that we managed to bring this festival in Ukraine," - says the head of the company Grand Event Denis Pogorelko.

When: February 14 - March 31
Where: Lavrskaya, 33 (15 minutes from the Arsenal metro station)
Working hours: daily, 5 - 11 P.M.
Admission: Mon-Thu UAH 150 for adults, UAH 120 for kids 5-17 years old; Fri-Sun UAH 200 for adults, UAH 160 for kids 5-17 years old. Free for kids up to 5 years old

Cover photo: The Giant Lanterns Festival Facebook page

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