March 2019 Festivals in Ukraine

spring flowers

Spring gives us inspiration and energy and it is a good reason for having fun celebrating the end of winter. There are some bright March festivals 2019 in Ukraine.

Maslyana festival in  Kyiv (Pancake week)
Pyrohovo, 9, 10 of March 2019

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The National Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture "Pyrohovo" will celebrate Maslyana fest. The rite of Kolodiy will be restored here, which was considered the god of marriage, love, harmony and health in ancient times. There will be horseback riding, drag racing, racing on a log, burning of the idol which symbolizes the evil forces of winter. Guests will also be able to taste pancakes and dumplings as well as listen to the folk bands at the festival.

Spring Kurazh Bazaar
March 23-24, Academician Glushkov Ave. 1 VDNKh, 19th pavilion
Kurazh Bazaar
The visitors of this traditional market will have a chance to meet the spring together, to find grandmother's shirts and wonderful embroidery dresses on a flea market, to eat pancakes and burn a straw puppet that symbolizes winter.

Varyshs’ka Palachitna (festival of pancakes)
Mukachivo, March 9-10, 2019

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This festival is dedicated to the farewell to the winter and the beginning of spring. During the event pancakes with fillings and sauces will be prepared. You can also enjoy cheeses, honey, wine, home-made pastry and chocolate from local craftsmen.
The event will take place in Peremohy park, beginning at 11:00.

World of Dance Ukraine in Lviv
March 17, at 11.00, Malevich Concert Arena, Chornovil Avenue, 2, Lviv
World of Dance is the largest international dance festival with street dance performances and modern choreography. This is the greatest dance event that has become a way of life for thousands of people. The country's top dance teams and thousands of spectators will take part in the festival.

DJazz Music Fest in Odessa
March 25-27, Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
At the end of March, the most powerful musicians of modern jazz music from all over the world will gather in Ukraine for the live concert "DJazz Music Fest" together with the best Ukrainian orchestra and one of the best in the world "Alex Fokin DJazz Band" to present the new album "DJazz Сontinuation".

Beregovo Wine Festival 2019
Beregovo, 8 - 10 of March
The International Wine Festival in Beregovo started in 2000. Since then, Transcarpathian winemakers meet annually in early spring in Beregovo on the central Koshut square, and within 3 days offer to taste their best samples of wine last year's harvest.
Usually the program of the International Wine Festival in the Beregovo includes the tasting, the exhibition-sale of equipment for production, the exchange of experience between winemakers, lottery drawing, contests, photo exhibitions, performances by musicians and dance groups, songs and dances devoted to wine.

Great Women's Rally in Kyiv
8th of March, Kyiv
Only women's crews (pilot and navigator) can participate in the competition, and the participants' movement will follow the legendary route within the framework of the Road Traffic Rules of Ukraine. The crews who took the first three places will be awarded with gifts, certificates of honor and cups.

St. Patrick's Day
17th of March, Odesa and other cities of Ukraine
green beer
The traditional Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day in 2019 will be celebrated in many brewery establishments in Ukraine and on the streets of some cities.
In honor of Saint Patrick in Ireland, an annual “green” parade with songs and dances is arranged. Now this holiday is a kind of international day of Ireland, which is celebrated all over the world.
In Odesa, every year in mid-March, the Parade of St. Patrick takes place. It is a costume procession through the streets of the city. Fans of Celtic culture in green suits will walk on Deribasivska street.
St. Patrick's Day is also traditionally celebrated in Irish pubs and other breweries throughout Ukraine.

Flowering of Carpathian valleys
flowers in mountains

Spring is a great time when nature is awakened and it is a nice chance to go to the Carpathians and finally see the famous valleys of crocuses and snowdrops with your own eyes.
The flowering begins in the middle of March and lasts until the end of April, which means there is plenty of time to go on a journey!
Photos:,, Kurazh Bazaar Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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