Ukrainian Scientists Who Changed the World


Do you know who invented the movie camera, helicopter and CD? Who launched the artificial satellite for the first time, directed the first manned space flight and learned how to weld the living tissues of man? All these are the merit of Ukrainian scientists.

Iosyp Tymchenko

Iosyp Tymchenko

It is believed that the cinema was invented by the Lumière brothers. This is not quite true. They were the first to patent the movie camera. The real inventor of this device is a native of Kharkov province, one of the great Ukrainian scientists Iosyp Tymchenko. Two years before the first film of the Lumiere brothers, he demonstrated his invention and first movie in Odessa and Moscow. Actually, Iosyp invented a jump mechanism that makes film making possible.

Igor Sikorsky

Igor Sikorsky

The helicopter was invented by a Ukrainian engineer who emigrated to America, Igor Sikorsky. He patented his invention in 1931, in 1939 its first tests began. Subsequently, the inventor founded the aircraft factory and developed many models of airplanes and helicopters. "Ilya Muromets", Sikorsky S-29-A, as well as the world's first amphibious aircraft – the most famous among them.

Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev

Sergey Korolev is one of the most worldwide known Ukrainian scientists. He is considered one of the founders of astronautics. From his very youth he was fascinated by the ideas of jet propulsion and flying into the stratosphere. In 1931 he founded the laboratory of rocket apparatus, in 1933 the first successful launch of the rocket was carried out. First of all, Korolev is known as the man who led the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the first manned space flight and the first man’s spacewalk.

Borys Paton

Boris Paton

Borys Paton's father was also a famous scientist: he invented various welding methods that are still used today. At first, Boris also studied the welding of materials, but then he became interested in the idea of "welding" living tissue. Over time, he brought this idea to life, learning to combine the soft tissues of animals, and then people, with the help of bipolar coagulation.

Vyacheslav Petrov


Nobody uses CDs now, but before they were the main carrier of electronic information. Few people know that the first prototype of the CD was invented by the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Petrov in 1960. At that time it was used purely for scientific purposes. Only later did it become widespread.

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